My Dick Done Broke

Take a Sam Shepard character (a gruff alcoholic in his early thirties who's lost his ability to "jazz it up with women"), place him in a Beckettian skit (i.e., make him crawl around, semiparalyzed, on a suspended platform as he carries on a muttering conversation with himself), add an eclectic soundtrack of background music, and let cook for 60 minutes on a moderate flame. Oops! Almost forgot the most important ingredient—one D.J. Mendel to perform the routine with gritty conviction and macho flair. The result, known as My Dick Done Broke, should serve a small audience with an appetite for solo psychodrama about a drunk grappling with the shame of skid row. Don't, however, make the mistake of expecting the recipe to live up to its cocky title. The rewards of watching a talented actor sustain a whiskey-fueled interior monologue with natural compassion and humility are mercifully subtler.

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