Remote Patrol

September 7 at 11 on Bravo

Those alt-comedy pixies from the Upright Citzens Brigade improvise themselves silly in this hour-long live special featuring founding members Matt Besser and Amy Poehler, plus some of Poehler's SNL comrades.

Sundays at 9 on HBO

Looks like HBO needed another costume drama to balance out all those comedies about Hollywood stardom. It's just as tightly scripted and sharply performed as you'd expect from the network, although anyone lucky enough to have seen I, Claudius won't be shocked by the titillating content.

The O.C.
Thursdays at 8 on Fox
The O.C. returns after a soapy cliff-hanger complete with intervention and Cain-and-Abel murder scenario. Here's hoping Ryan and Seth get their emo-mojo back.

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