Remote Patrol

Tuesdays at 11 on Court TV

Our pals over at carry their quest for world domination (or maybe just world humiliation?) to the small screen by using puppets and dolls to re-enact sleazy celebrity misbehavior.

Thursdays at 10 on FX

It sounded funny in theory: a satirical comedy about eating disorders. Despite a few amusing touches, like the bulimic cop who busts Chinese-delivery guys so he can binge on the order, the series (and its toxic central character) are ultimately too acidic to be digested.

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Tuesdays at 10 on TLC

Of the two reality shows about tattoo parlors that premiered this summer, I prefer this one. Rather than lingering on the slacker employees' relationships, it focuses on the art and history of tattooing, teasing out the poignant reasons that clients choose to inject ink under their skin.

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