Remote Patrol

October 13 at 9

Grimaces, denials, long vacant pauses—just some of the emissions we might expect to come from the president's general vicinity. Since this is the final debate, both candidates will undoubtedly be sweating it to win the hearts of those damnable undecideds, wherever they are.

October 21 at 9 on BBC America

Say a wistful goodbye to the inept losers at Wernham Hogg. This two-hour "Christmas" special (so good BBC America ran it two months early!) gives Dawn, Tim, and boss from hell Dave Brent one final chance to redeem themselves. If you don't have cable, you can catch a screening of the special (plus a chat with creator-star Ricky Gervais) at the Museum of Television and Radio on October 18 (for tickets call 212-621-6600).

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October 24 at 8 on MNN

A mock presidential campaign featuring ordinary people—the idea sounded swell, but American Candidate fumbled it. Over on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, rappers have been engaged in a mini-battle of rhyme and reason all summer. The contest, voted on by viewers, culminates in this final live debate.

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