Stripping, Guzzling, and Bird Imitations Pass the Time

Jonah Bokaer's NUDEDESCENDANCE winked at Duchamp's similarly titled painting, cleverly heralding the passage of time. Layer by layer, Bokaer peeled off close to two dozen garments, leaving a clothing trail—and temporal relic—down the aisle. Naked, he lay prone while a projected, animated doppelgänger (which he'd created) performed an intricate sequence, at times levitating to pass an arm beneath its torso; Bokaer then performed the routine live, minus levitations. He climbed a ladder and methodically drank a liter of water to Peaches and Herb's "Shake Your Groove Thing" while descending the rungs in abject defiance of the rhythm. In PigeonPeacockPenguin, Rebecca Davis underscored the passage of time by jerking robotically to each beat of a metronome, darting her chin forward or picking her steps carefully, like a bird. When she moved at double speed, each isolated move melded into a phrase, but with little cumulative effect.

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