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No poles barred: Patrick at Gallagher's 2000
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On camera she's done plenty of girl on girl scenes, but in real life, porn star Tera Patrick would rather turn off the lights and have missionary-style sex with her husband. The Thai, English, and Dutch beauty is just a regular gal—albeit a bit vanilla, or so it seems. She loves to troll around Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, watch Law & Order, and regularly chow down at the Crab House in Queens. Only thing is the 28-year-old fucks for a living. "I like making porn for couples and for women," says Patrick, whose latest film, Reign of Tera, is the first offering from her company, Teravision.

Popular with the ladies, the entrepreneur—she also has her own line of sex toys—enjoys her job and refuses to feel degraded. "I'm not particularly a nasty performer," she says. "I think 10 years ago anal sex was very taboo. Now people have to move on to other stuff because they've already seen anal—now it's double anal. Pretty soon it's going to be a donkey. You know what I mean? It's just gotten more and more crazy because people have gotten more and more curious. I'll never do it. I'll never do crazy. It's not what I feel comfortable with."

Talking to Patrick in person is very much like hanging out with a girlfriend. She's candid, articulate, approachable, and quite smart. We caught up a few weeks ago at Gallaghers 2000, a stripclub in Queens, where the porn star proved that she's not too good for the pole either. She performed for a crowd of local fans who eagerly reciprocated with dollar bills, which her husband/manager (and Biohazard front-man) Evan Seinfeld collected in a pink Hello Kitty bag after each set. Now, that's love. Seinfeld manages Patrick's lucrative career, which has made her well-known, even in the mainstream media.


Miss Patrick will be hosting the NYC Erotic Expo on May 20th at the Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 Seventh Avenue, eroticexpony.com.

For more on Tera, check out clubtera.com.

Born in Montana and raised all over the country by her dad, an army doctor, Patrick started in the industry at the ripe old age of 24. She went to school for nursing and worked at a geriatric hospital before deciding to make the career change. "I was wheeling my med cart and this woman was really mad that some other nurse hadn't given her some Demerol and she thought it was me so she picked up her bedpan, which was full of pee and crap, and flung it at me," she says. "It got all over me and I was like: 'Dude, there has to be something better out there'."

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Apparently, there was. The former Ford model posed for Playboy in 1999 and than transitioned into film by doing a movie for erotic director Andrew Blake. "It was an all-girl movie and I had no problem masturbating," she says. "I had no problem having sex with a girl, but it was more comfortable for me having sex with a man because it came naturally. So when I got approached to do a guy/girl movie I was like 'Yeah, give me a man!'."

These days, the only man the porn star has sex with—on and off camera—is Seinfeld (a/k/a Spyder Jonze in the adult entertainment biz). When they first started dating she was thinking of leaving the industry and he convinced her to stay. "When I met him, he was like 'that's silly, you've made a really big name for yourself and you should capitalize on that by going back out there and owning your own company,'" says Patrick, who didn't want to have sex with anyone besides Seinfeld. "So he said 'OK, I guess I have to have sex with you'," she remembers. And thus was born another great acting duo of our time.

This notion may sound weirdly romantic to some. but the star isn't in porn for fame, glory, or because she gets off on having others watch her with her husband. "If you're in the business because you want to win awards and accolades, than more power to you," she says. "Quite frankly, I'm only here for the money."

The savvy businesswoman is currently in negotiations for a book deal. She's kept a diary for the past three years that has inspired this new challenge. She's also working on a reality show, Rockstar Pornstar, about her life with Seinfeld. And she has two new features, Tera! Tera! Tera! and Tera Patrick is Flawless, which Vivid Video, is distributing.

Although Patrick is primed to be America's next porn sweetheart (after Jenna Jameson), she hasn't lost sense of her mission. "Sex is where I'm at," she says matter-of-factly. Just don't tell her conservative Jewish neighbors. They think she's a model.

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