The Winter 2001 Voice Education Supplement

Heads up! Paul LaFarge activates your organ of Mirthfulness with the secret history of America’s public schools; Ed Park dusts off an inglorious Columbus; Jessica Winter talks to a Shakespeare shamus who kicks arras; Jyoti Thottam deciphers a handwriting renaissance in the age of pocket organizers; Nita Rao gets dialectic-al; and Jeff Byles explains why it might be premature to give Das Kapital das boot.

Head of the Class By Paul LaFarge
The Bumpy Road From Phrenology to Public Schools

Chinese Whispers By Ed Park
Edward Payson Vining’s Art of Error

Scrawler I.D. By Jessica Winter
A Literary Detective Shakes Spears at Hidden Authors

The Writing on the Wall By Jyoti Thottam
Penmanship, From Palmer to Palm Pilot

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The Talking Cure By Nita Rao
Adventures in Accent Reduction

Dialectical U By Jeff Byles
The Post-Seattle Generation Gets Its Marx Druthers

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