Alan Scherstuhl

Alan Scherstuhl

Alan Scherstuhl is film editor at The Village Voice. He also covers books, music, and other matters for the Voice, in addition to writing Studies in Crap, his ongoing humor column about bizarre books and ephemera found at junkshops.

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  • 1 day ago | Film and TV

    The poster for Blind emphasizes ass. But the film's provocations are brainy, meta-minded, and often resolutely unsexy. This is a haunting puzzle of a movie, one to pick at, to unpeel, to see a second time through eyes that have adjusted to it. It'...

  • 1 day ago | Film and TV

    The best of all heist movies, Jules Dassin's tough-minded clockwork thriller Rififi, from 1955, is also one of the great films about process, about prepping for and grinding through small challenges, about improvisational teamwork within the frame...

  • 1 day ago | Film and TV

    The title might seem tragic. Stanley Nelson's welcome doc banners the Black Panthers as the "vanguard" of the revolution, a claim that's true according to the Panthers' own terms. The leather-jacketed crew carrying rifles onto the floor of the Cal...

  • This mean and vigorous men's adventure pulp throwback has everything going against it. It's a late-August release whose leads, Owen Wilson and Lake Bell, tend to be the best things in movies you otherwise regret seeing. The trailers, teasing the...

  • An empathetic, richly detailed epic, Diego Quemada-Diez's road/train/tunnel movie follows four Guatemalan teens' journey from their hometowns to the U.S. border -- and, presumably, a better life. Quemada-Diez gets right to it, spending no time on...

  • A comedy too listless to bother crafting jokes or comic incidents, a character study centered on a sweet-natured prick it's hard to believe could actually exist tumbleweeding into a job at a lube shop, 7 Chinese Brothers is a go-nowhere...


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