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  • Hip-Hoperation: Mindcrime

    published November 21, 2000

    A decade ago, when Del the Funky Homosapien was still spelling his name funee, his cousin Ice Cube drafted him as point man for a mid-gangsta-age... More >>

  • One Time, at Band Camp

    published September 26, 2000

    "Now, ladies and gentlemen," the MC says, "we come with one of the more soulful sounds from around our town." It's a snippet born for a Pete Rock... More >>

  • Quasiphenia

    published July 11, 2000

    Hunter S. Thompson—or maybe it was Daryl Dawkins—once avowed that when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. And there’s... More >>

  • Write a Book, Dude!

    published March 28, 2000

    Eels front man A Man Called E wrote both "Novocaine for the Soul" (a catchily morose request for a stronger-than-chicken-soup cure for pain, with... More >>

Archives: 2003 | 2000