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2010 Stories by Alexis Soloski

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  • Reed Birney's Brilliant Career

    published December 29, 2010

    Don't let Reed Birney's slim figure fool you—he contains multitudes. One of New York's finest working actors, Birney has lent his keen... More >>


    published December 29, 2010

    At the Passover seder, one asks, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” That won’t be difficult to answer at Matthew... More >>


    published December 29, 2010

    I work in a pleasantly dull office (also known as my bedroom), but the inhabitants of this workplace don’t lack for excitement. Parallel Exit... More >>


    published December 29, 2010

    Would-be writers often turn to unsavory forms of employment: waitressing, proofreading, quasi-legal massage. But the aspiring scribe in this new... More >>


    published December 29, 2010

    The theater is awash in superstition--never uttering Macbeth, avoiding the color green, avoiding the locution “Good luck!” But the... More >>


    published December 29, 2010

    Switzerland: so peaceful, so verdant, so neutral. Who would have thought that this quiet mountain nation would prove a hotbed of mime? But for... More >>


    published December 29, 2010

    “I don't play accurately,” says a character in Oscar Wilde’s famed farce, “any one can play accurately, but I play with... More >>


    published December 22, 2010

    Unrequited love stories rarely need quite so many stitches as the one depicted in Rajiv Joseph’s new play, Gruesome Playground... More >>


    published December 22, 2010

    Radiation has considerable uses--the treatment of cancer, the transmission of radio waves, the dating of various carbon-based organisms. But its... More >>

  • Witness Relocation's ETs Want Booze

    published December 15, 2010

    The alien hordes have descended! And they want our Jack Daniels. That is but one of the extraterrestrial truths propounded in Witness... More >>

  • Inspector Sands Slips Into Hysteria

    published December 15, 2010

    Hippocrates, the famed Greek physician, was the first person to diagnose hysteria, a condition he attributed to the wandering of the womb. More... More >>

  • Egon Schiele Paints Again in Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte

    published December 15, 2010

    The current revival of John Kelly’s Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte—a tribute to the Viennese painter Egon Schiele—is itself... More >>

  • Ho! and Looking at Christmas Stuff New York's Stockings

    published December 8, 2010

    Silent night? Fat chance. Even as half-eaten Thanksgiving pies still languish in refrigerators, the theater trots out its bevy of holiday... More >>

  • The Break of Noon and The Red Shoes Play With Souls and Soles

    published December 1, 2010

    Theater attracts the obsessional. Who else could possibly enjoy the endless repetitions that rehearsal requires, could thrill to the rigors of... More >>

  • Alexis Soloski

    Winter Guide: New York Theatre Workshop Uncorks Three Pianos

    published November 24, 2010

    Franz Schubert: Not a fun guy. One of his most celebrated aphorisms reads, “Every night when I go to bed, I hope that I may never wake... More >>

  • In the Footprint's Hoop Schemes

    published November 24, 2010

    When the investigative theater company the Civilians arrived a decade ago, they came armed with a theme song. "We do little and mostly... More >>

  • Edgewise Serves Up an Unhappy Meal

    published November 24, 2010

    So much blood spatters the burger-bar set of Eliza Clark's Edgewise that even the ketchup bottles start to look less like condiments and... More >>


    published November 24, 2010

    The collapse of the economy witnessed over the past two years has certainly been dramatic, but hardly kid-friendly. Yet the Vermont collective... More >>


    published November 24, 2010

    I prefer my aphrodisiac entertainments rodent-free, but Austin McCormick, artistic director of Company XIV, apparently disagrees. He’s taken... More >>


    published November 24, 2010

    According to the Book of Mormon, on the night Christ was born, a new star was visible in the sky and other signs and wonders appeared in heaven.... More >>


    published November 24, 2010

    You wouldn’t think that stamping around in the cold, staring at things you can’t afford would comprise such a popular pastime. Yet the... More >>

  • Teller and Todd Robbins Try to Play Dead

    published November 17, 2010

    Sideshow habitué Todd Robbins has the smoothness of a televangelist and similarly appalling taste in suiting. He apparently enjoys a bit... More >>

  • Ghosts in the Cottonwoods Gets Cabin Fever

    published November 17, 2010

    The playwright Adam Rapp wrote Ghosts in the Cottonwoods, his first full-length play, some 15 years ago. "It was overwrought," he said... More >>


    published November 17, 2010

    Earlier this year, it seemed as if LAByrinth Theater Company had become lost in a maze of its own devising. Rising costs had led them to give up... More >>

  • Penelope Pushes Homer Into the Pool

    published November 3, 2010

    In The Odyssey, Penelope has more than 100 suitors to contend with. In Enda Walsh's Penelope, at St. Ann's Warehouse, that number... More >>

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