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  • Seminar Gets a Passing Grade

    published November 23, 2011

    What can any writer say about Seminar, Theresa Rebeck’s new play at the Golden Theatre? To commit even the first sentence to the page... More >>

  • How Much Is Enough? Our Values in Question—Is There Importance in Being Earnest?

    published November 16, 2011

    How much do you want to pay for a ticket to the theater? That’s the first query that confronts those interested in the Foundry... More >>

  • Suicide, Incorporated Does Not Off Itself

    published November 9, 2011

    Feeling blue? Aggrieved? Put upon? Thinking of ending it all? Well, you’re in good company, at least during the run of Andrew... More >>

  • King Lear: Cataracts and Hurricanoes at the Public Theater

    published November 9, 2011

    At the top of King Lear’s fourth act, disguised Edgar intones, “The worst is not/So long as we can say ‘This is the... More >>

  • Who Is the Greatest Living Playwright?

    published November 2, 2011

    “Be not afraid of greatness,” Shakespeare encouraged us. Easy for him to say! But when it comes to the theater, how do we determine... More >>

  • Education Supplement Listings

    published October 26, 2011

    Theater/Performing Arts It's never too late to become a guitar hero. New York City Guitar School, with offices in... More >>

  • 'Collaborative Education' Offers Inexpensive Courses Taught by Impassioned Amateurs

    published October 26, 2011

    The first time that the Brooklyn Brainery—an "accessible, community-driven, crowd-sourced education" hub in Carroll Gardens—hosted... More >>

  • Cries and Whispers: Ivo van Hove Turns His Eyes to Bergman

    published October 26, 2011

    Belgian-born director Ivo van Hove isn’t kind to the corporeal. In his productions the body seems less a source of sensual pleasure than an... More >>

  • Alice, or the Scottish Gravediggers: Some Gothic Melodrama for Park Slope

    published October 26, 2011

    René Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt wrote more than 100 plays in the early 19th century—many of them starring dogs.... More >>


    published October 26, 2011

    An operatic antidote to the Book of Mormon, composer Nico Muhly and librettist Stephen Karam’s new music-theater, Dark Sisters, takes a less... More >>


    published October 26, 2011

    Our Values in Question: Socrates had some harsh words about the drama (he thought the state should forcibly expel all playwrights), but the... More >>


    published October 19, 2011

    Acclaimed Dutch director Ivo van Hove likes to go the movies. After making a splash—literally, in the case of his bathtub-set A Streetcar... More >>


    published October 19, 2011

    You can’t get to heaven by booking a ticket on Expedia or Hotwire, but the 18th-century poet and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg claimed to have... More >>


    published October 19, 2011

    Some theater scholars believe that performance originated in religious ritual. It’s difficult not to succumb to feel worshipful in the... More >>


    published October 19, 2011

    Historical sway has much in common with the Hotel California: You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. J.T. Rogers’s new... More >>

  • Queen of the Mist

    published October 19, 2011

    Spray yes to Michael John LaChiusa’s new musical about an elderly American stuntswoman. In 1901, on the occasion of her 63rd birthday, Anna... More >>

  • Heidegger Meets Puppets in 3 2's; or AFAR

    published October 12, 2011

    Playwright Mac Wellman doesn't choose words for anything so dull as their sense. Rather, he selects syllables just as you might pick blooms for a... More >>

  • Nightlands Dials In to 1963

    published October 12, 2011

    Last January, a flurry of Internet articles announced that a wobble in the Earth’s axis meant zodiac signs had shifted. Watery Pisceans... More >>

  • We Live Here Broods on a Brood

    published October 12, 2011

    It’s the furniture that gives it away. The taupe sectional, the chic throw pillows, the scatter of books and ornaments. A theatrical maxim:... More >>

  • Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling: Onstage CT Scan

    published October 5, 2011

    When you enter the theater at Classic Stage Company—one of the Atlantic's homes as it completes its mainstage renovation—for... More >>

  • Lidless: Gitmo Comes Home

    published October 5, 2011

    Fifteen years ago, Alice (Danielle Skraastad) served as an interrogator at Guantanamo. Yet she doesn't suffer from post-traumatic stress... More >>

  • Love's Labor's Lost

    published October 5, 2011

    A cerebral comedy with an oddly sad ending, this play has never achieved the popularity of most Shakespeare jests. But director Karin Coonrod... More >>

  • Godspell

    published October 5, 2011

    Prepare ye the way of the Broadway revival of the Stephen Schwartz musical that takes a groovy approach to the son of God. With lyrics drawn... More >>

  • Alice, or the Scottish Gravediggers

    published October 5, 2011

    The French author René-Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt helped to invent the genre of melodrama. But his intense, macabre... More >>


    published October 5, 2011

    In the first act of King Lear, the harassed sovereign, driven from his daughter’s house, cries, “Who is it that can tell me who I... More >>

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