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  • The Hero

    published March 5, 2014

    After Gilbert Emery said his farewell to arms, he returned home and wrote this celebrated play about the prodigal son who redeems himself with... More >>

  • Day of the Dog

    published March 5, 2014

    It’s a dog’s life and, in the case of the pooch featured in Daniel Damiano’s play, that life is distinguished by very naughty... More >>

  • Appropriate

    published March 5, 2014

    The term “appropriate,” as both adjective and verb, troubles Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s plantation-set drama. The Lafayette clan... More >>

  • Alexis Soloski

    Spirited Bruce Lee Bioplay Kung Fu Searches for Structure

    published February 26, 2014

    Cole Horibe has chops. Strikes, feints, and jabs, too. Horibe kicks and punches his way through Kung Fu, David Henry Hwang's... More >>

  • Love and Information

    published February 26, 2014

    The incomparable Caryl Churchill uploads her latest play to New York Theatre Workshop. In a dizzying array of scenes that can be performed in... More >>

  • Kung Fu

    published February 26, 2014

    “The key to immortality,” said Bruce Lee. “Is first living a life worth remembering.” But inspiring an Off-Broadway... More >>

  • The Housing Market is Murder in The Tribute Artist and The Mystery of Pearl Street

    published February 12, 2014

    What we did for love? Try what we do for real estate. We wheel, we deal, we bribe, we connive, we play straight, we play gay, and we... More >>

  • Personality Crises in I Call My Brothers and A Man's a Man

    published February 5, 2014

    Has there ever been an age more self-obsessed — or selfie-obsessed — than ours? We tweet our morning coffee, Facebook our... More >>

  • Alexis Soloski

    The Quiet Force of Adult

    published February 5, 2014

    We all know the Anton Chekhov dictum: If you introduce a gun in a play's first act, it's bound to fire by the last. What does that... More >>

  • Stop Hitting Yourself Will Ruin You for Any Future Fête

    published January 29, 2014

    Prospective playgoers, be forewarned: The Rude Mechs' Stop Hitting Yourself will ruin you for any future fête. No matter how... More >>

  • More Perfect Unions

    published January 29, 2014

    To call Manhattan Theatre Club's Outside Mullingar featherlight is to underrate feathers. John Patrick Shanley's blarney-soaked romance... More >>

  • Beertown

    published January 29, 2014

    Oh, sure catharsis is all well and good. But is it better than a sugar rush? This new participatory devised piece by dog & pony dc invites... More >>

  • The Wong Kids in The Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go!

    published January 29, 2014

    Is saving the universe all that great when you have to drag your dorky younger brother along? In Lloyd Suh’s brainy, zany kiddie show for... More >>

  • Run For Your Life

    published January 22, 2014

    Colin has an easy, loping stride. His lungs fill and empty effortlessly. Helen, by contrast, can barely catch her breath. She skitters about in... More >>

  • A Not Particularly Tragic King Lear

    published January 15, 2014

    From beard to boots, Frank Langella is every inch a king. That’s a joy and also a problem for the lucid, confident, and not particularly... More >>

  • The Same Wavelength

    published January 8, 2014

    For years, Mark Russell and Meiyin Wang, the co-curators of the Under the Radar festival, worked in a ridiculously cramped office. Seated at... More >>

  • Top of the Heap: A Cheat Sheet to Five Performance Festivals

    published January 8, 2014

    A cheat sheet to five performance festivals Just when you thought you could pack away the tinsel, downtown will set itself aglow with a... More >>

  • Breakfast With Mugabe

    published January 8, 2014

    Would you be brave enough to tell a dictator that his hour is up? Unlikely. Fraser Grace’s well-received drama about the Zimbabwean premier... More >>

  • Outside Mullingar

    published January 8, 2014

    Doubt-ers John Patrick Shanley, Doug Hughes, and Brian F. O’Byrne have reassembled for a new show at MTC. Rather than exploring... More >>

  • Rebecca Hall Puts Her Abilities (and Her Sanity) to the Test in Machinal

    published January 1, 2014

    Usually, it takes more than a crowded subway train to rattle Rebecca Hall. But during a recent ride, the actress began to feel stifled, almost... More >>

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