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2006 Stories by Alexis Sottile

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  • Ladies' Room

    published September 19, 2006

    It was dark (but not stormy) as a friend and I wandered into the Snug, hungry and desperate for some kind of meat. I'd been told the bar's name... More >>

  • Tears for Beer

    published August 8, 2006

    We arrived at Essex Ale House just hours after I experienced the (quintessentially modern) dating horror moment: Finding the secret skirt-chase... More >>

  • A Potent Mix

    published August 1, 2006

    It was my penance, really, to take D. back to Vlada and ply him with vodka after my bout of insecurity. Though a Russian proverb claims, "Love and... More >>

  • Fighting for Plan B

    published June 13, 2006

    On January 7, 2005, nine women were arrested for blocking access to FDA headquarters in Washington, D.C. The FDA, the women charge, has been... More >>

  • A Bar for Red Sox Fans Even a Yank Would Like

    published May 30, 2006

    "We can wear our hats here, and not worry about obnoxious Yankee fans," one Red Sox–lovin' barfly confided to me at Professor Thom's. The... More >>

  • Living Through Horrors no Adult Could Comprehend

    published May 9, 2006

    Never again!" was the promise and prayer of an international community shocked by the Holocaust. But for people like NYU student Jacqueline... More >>

  • Un-Hyped 9-11 Film Distinguishes Heroism From Patriotism

    published April 25, 2006

    The story of September 11, 2001, for New Yorkers, has at least as many variations of heartbreak as the city has people. Less hyped than the... More >>

  • Say My Name

    published March 7, 2006

    New York stage artists are rushing in to fill the void left by the aborted U.S. debut of My Name Is Rachel Corrie. But what's lost in the... More >>

  • Progressives Use Frustration as Fuel for Action

    published February 28, 2006

    "People always say lefties complain too much," I complained to Stanley Aronowitz, one of the organizers of this weekend's Left Forum 2006,... More >>

  • Bush's Speech on the Couch

    published January 31, 2006

    Dr. Justin A. Frank, psychoanalyst and author of Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, watched this week's State of the... More >>

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