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  • Stop American Billions for Israeli Bombs

    published December 25, 2001

    There weren't any surprises in the foreign-aid bill Congress passed last week, least of all in the appropriation the U.S. handed Israel: more than... More >>

  • Shirts Off Their Backs

    published December 4, 2001

    Retail is a seasonal business, so Ibrahim, a Senegalese immigrant who has taken to introducing himself as Abraham since September 11, is... More >>

  • The Case Against Torture

    published November 27, 2001

    In case it's not enough to round up noncitizens and hold them in secrecy, eavesdrop on their conversations with lawyers, and abandon the civil... More >>

  • Ladies Who Punch

    published November 13, 2001

    No surprise that one of the funniest and nastiest stories Elaine Stritch tells in her charming collage of songs and backstage tales, Elaine... More >>

  • Remembering the L.A. 8

    published October 30, 2001

    Michel Shehadeh considers it something of a victory that the FBI has not come knocking on his door in the weeks following September 11. "It proves... More >>

  • Hedda Shrinker

    published October 23, 2001

    Mainstream American playwriting is driven by the will to explain. Every effect has its causes, and dramatic action is often merely a process of... More >>

  • The Age of Anxiety

    published October 2, 2001

    What kind of theater do we need now? It's a question one ought to always ask, really, but certainly one that is unavoidable in these dreadful... More >>

  • Cracking Down on Immigrants—Again

    published October 2, 2001

    Hasnain was nervous about getting on an airplane in the week after hijackers rammed jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, so instead of... More >>

  • Fuel for the Fire

    published September 18, 2001

    "Some moments define who you are. This is one of them." In the wake of last week's terrorist attacks, this assertion sounded grandiose, even... More >>

  • Terror Attack

    published September 11, 2001

    I emerged from the Chambers Street subway stop at 9 this morning into a crowd gaping up at the World Trade Center moments after its top floors had... More >>

  • That Seventies Show

    published September 11, 2001

    "I just like to rub my buttocks on someone else's buttocks," Harold confesses to Edith, while setting up a barbecue. "I like to kiss someone's... More >>

  • October’s Legacy

    published September 4, 2001

    NAZARETH—The red tablecloths are pressed perfectly, the dishes set just so, the hummus and kibbeh and eggplant salad are cooked to... More >>

  • Liberty Is Dead

    published August 28, 2001

    Nothing fires up the Liberty more than being doubted and dissed by their opponents, so alongside the frantic sketches of new plays posted on... More >>

  • Vested Interests

    published August 28, 2001

    It's a peculiar yet time-honored dance in New York ethnic politicking: Appeal to a slice of the Jewish vote by trying to outdo your opponents in... More >>

  • Uprooting the Olive Branch

    published August 28, 2001

    GAZA STRIP—Ahmad Abu Fadi gestures out over the brown expanse of rubble baking in the relentless August sun. "It used to be so green... More >>

  • Refuseniks

    published August 21, 2001

    JERUSALEM—"We don't cry, we don't shoot! To be murderers, we refuse!" Down the block from Orient House—the hub of Palestinian... More >>

  • The Liberty: Beaten at Their Own Game

    published August 7, 2001

    The Cleveland Rockers, just one victory away from clinching home-court advantage in the WNBA Eastern Conference playoffs, looked like the mirror... More >>

  • Let's Fake a Deal

    published July 31, 2001

    There's a new Suzan-Lori Parks play that's distorting, disturbing, and a little too pat. I don't mean Topdog/Underdog, the new play by... More >>

  • Beats and Keats

    published July 24, 2001

    They burst onto the stage promising to "kick your ass tonight!" Stomping on the floor and drumming on a couple of wooden cubes that serve as... More >>

  • On the Road in Lebanon

    published July 17, 2001

    Lebanon—It starts with a rumble of breath, a yearning growl emitted straight from the bellies of a hundred strangers standing in a... More >>

  • Making the Best of Castration

    published June 26, 2001

    When they function at their best, summer theater festivals are infuriating. They bring us the most exciting works from beyond New York—then... More >>

  • Beast of the East

    published May 29, 2001

    Nobody is dissing them in the press. Opponents aren't making any nasty cracks about them. None of the players have been tied up overseas... More >>

  • ‘Not in My Name’

    published May 15, 2001

    When thousands of New Yorkers march up Fifth Avenue in fervent support of Israel on Sunday in the annual solidarity parade, a growing group of... More >>

  • More Fresh Hells

    published April 24, 2001

    There are two essential ways to be bored in the theater—one in which you're stuck in an agony of anticipation of the obvious, the other in... More >>

  • Playing for Keeps

    published April 17, 2001

    Southwest Missouri State superstar Jackie Stiles expressed one teary-eyed request after being shut down by Purdue in the NCAA Final Four last... More >>

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