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2002 Stories by Alisa Solomon

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  • This Old Spook House

    published December 17, 2002

    The vigorous inner space of the imagination and the dark unknowability of the afterlife seem like utter contrasts. One is all sparking invention,... More >>

  • Witches Right Again

    published December 10, 2002

    For a brief moment, Malcolm looks like he's going to throw up. Macduff has just rushed up the center aisle of the theater and deposited Macbeth's... More >>

  • Homeland Insecurity

    published November 26, 2002

    The dancing on the grave of the Immigration and Naturalization Service began last April, when the House of Representatives resolved to abolish the... More >>

  • When We Dread Awaken

    published November 12, 2002

    There's something prescient about Caryl Churchill's chilling new work, Far Away, but not in the topical sense that some of the hype around... More >>

  • Which Third Way?

    published October 29, 2002

    It was after 10 p.m. on Thursday when the delegate assembly of the Professional Staff Congress—the union representing more than 20,000... More >>

  • Together in Grief

    published October 15, 2002

    On August 4, Amiram and Tilda Goldin kissed their son Omri goodbye as always, telling him to be careful as he went off to do a stint of mandatory... More >>

  • The Greats of Wrath

    published October 8, 2002

    She enters quietly, controlled—not straining to hold her hysteria from gushing forth, but emotionally spent. Sunglasses hide her cried-out... More >>

  • Home (Sorta) to Africa; a N’Orleans Melodrama

    published October 1, 2002

    Oni Faida Lampley shoves an almost unbudgeable brown suitcase across the stage to begin her one-person show chronicling a woman's college-abroad... More >>

  • Plotzing in New Paltz

    published September 24, 2002

    In the land of academe, what makes administrators more squeamish than a women's sexuality conference where dildos, anal beads, and s/m tools are... More >>

  • Things We Lost in the Fire

    published September 10, 2002

    "Liberty is the most precious gift we offer our citizens." Could Tom Ridge have said anything scarier or more telling as he accepted... More >>

  • Northern Closure

    published August 27, 2002

    BUFFALO, NEW YORK—It's a familiar routine. At 3 p.m. on a thick August afternoon, Jonathan Croom drives his cab up in front of an old... More >>

  • Brecht Point

    published August 27, 2002

    What could Brecht have been thinking when he said that he intended his "gangsterspiel," The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, for the Broadway... More >>

  • Detainees Equal Dollars

    published August 13, 2002

    It was a shaky spring for the correctional workers of Hastings, Nebraska (pop. 24,064), as the stagnation in the nation's prison population and... More >>

  • A War on Love

    published July 30, 2002

    Why are puppets so much more emotionally convincing than human actors—especially when it comes to massive subjects like war? Rezo Gabriadze's... More >>

  • Protecting the Homeland

    published July 23, 2002

    All month, some dozen congressional committees have been hammering out the government's biggest reorganization plan since the 1940s: the... More >>

  • Ingmar Bergman Saves the Queens

    published June 18, 2002

    You hold your breath. You wait, like Maria, for Elisabet to grant her freedom or to decree her execution. You know what's coming, yet yearn for... More >>

  • Ill-Will Hunting

    published May 14, 2002

    Jane is searching for the origin of evil, the root of denial, and the basic human weakness that causes us to fear death. That, at least, is how... More >>

  • Tipping Toward Hate

    published May 14, 2002

    At college graduations around the country this month, many students will be using the ceremonies to make a statement on the Middle East, draping a... More >>

  • The Golden Ticket

    published May 7, 2002

    Dozens of desperate people greeted Erin Corcoran as she made her way to work each morning in Lusaka, Zambia, last spring, where she spent two... More >>

  • Haiti's Unauthorized Refugees Held in Miami

    published May 7, 2002

    Refugees accepted for resettlement overseas are welcomed into the United States with open arms and a package of benefits. But those who flee to... More >>

  • Off to See the Wizardry

    published April 23, 2002

    Live performance is dying, lamenters have been saying for a century at least, strangled by the more alluring glitz of ever expanding technology.... More >>

  • Guys And Dollars

    published April 9, 2002

    Is women's collegiate sports as corrupt as men's? Have the enormous gains in opportunities for female athletes over the last three decades led... More >>

  • Nelson, With Love and Squalor

    published April 2, 2002

    There's a sizzling moment of connection toward the end of Richard Nelson's new play, Franny's Way, when Frances, a 17-year-old visiting her... More >>

  • Nightmare in Miami

    published March 19, 2002

    Christina Madrazo was waiting for the spin cycle to finish in a Miami laundromat when she noticed something that might put an end to her troubles:... More >>

  • Waiting for Lefties

    published March 12, 2002

    Certainly he was the first. But maybe Aristophanes was also the last playwright to produce an uproarious comedy calling for peace in the middle of... More >>

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