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  • Yankee Post-Mortem: A-Rod Not the Only Cause of Death

    published Oct 07, 2011

    ‚ÄčLet's look on the bright side ... no, scratch that. There is no bright side. Let's try to take in the big picture ... no, skip it. That's crap, too. The Yankees' 3-2 elimination loss to Detroit on... More >>

  • Justin Verlander Just In Case

    published Oct 06, 2011

    If you were about to play what could be your last game of the season, would you use every weapon you had? If we are to believe Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland, he wouldn't. Leyland has repeatedly ... More >>

  • GO LONG!

    published September 28, 2011

    It's hard to find a team with more history than that of the U.S. Military Academy. The Army Black Knights, who take on the Tulane Green... More >>

  • Victor Cruz's Big Play? Sorry, Giants Fans, the Refs Blew It.

    published Oct 03, 2011

    "Stupidity." That's how former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira, now an analyst for Fox, cut through the crap surrounding the Victor Cruz play in yesterday's Cardinals-Giants game. The Giants se... More >>

  • Fright Night for Yankee Fans

    published Sep 30, 2011

    If I were a Yankees fan, I'd be afraid — very afraid. Of course, as I've said all season, whenever I look at the pitching staff I'm afraid. But in addition to being afraid all season, I've also ... More >>

  • José Reyes Got a Bum Rap

    published Sep 30, 2011

    So, what's the answer to the only question Mets fans really want to know right now? Will the Mets sign José Reyes? Never mind that the way Reyes ended the season produced more sour press —... More >>

  • LET'S GO!

    published September 14, 2011

    Forget about the Babe and Tea for Two—if you go by this millennium alone, this is still the best rivalry in baseball. Boston has dominated... More >>

  • Joe Girardi Must Have Done Something Right

    published Sep 26, 2011

    I'll be honest: I didn't think the Yankees would win the AL East, right up to the day they won it. Yet they did it, and in fact by a wide margin. Before we even consider the problems of the playoffs,... More >>

  • Brad Pitt Aside, Here's a Baseball Quiz: Why Does Moneyball Leave Out Steroid Ball?

    published Sep 22, 2011

    It's a Moneyball media fest out there — the articles on the book Moneyball, the movie Moneyball, the stars of Moneyball and the articles about the articles about Moneyball have created a light i... More >>


    published August 24, 2011

    A surfing competition in New York? You betcha! The Quiksilver Pro NY is the first-ever ASP World Championship Tour stop on the East Coast.... More >>

  • Floyd Mayweather Didn't Throw a Sucker Punch; Victor Ortiz Was the Sucker

    Floyd Mayweather Didn't Throw a Sucker Punch; Victor Ortiz Was the Sucker

    published Sep 19, 2011

    On Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather stepped in and administered a lethal left-right combination to Victor Ortiz that produced the most stunning knockout of Mayweather's professional career. That he ... More >>

  • The Jets' Key? Start Fast, for Starters

    published Sep 16, 2011

    Do you want to know if this is really going to be the Jets' year? Here's your clue. It's not whether they beat the Jacksonville Jags this Sunday. It's not even whether or not they beat the point sprea... More >>


    published August 17, 2011

    The last Grand Slam of the season, the U.S. Open always attracts the top talent looking to flush out their rankings and purses—not to... More >>


    published August 31, 2011

    New York's love affair with swimming goes back a long way. In 1882, one-armed swimmer Edward Cone easily took the New York Athletic Club's... More >>

  • The Day The Yankees Tried to Trade Mariano Rivera

    published Sep 14, 2011

    Here's a story from the November 17, 1997, Seattle Times that's making the rounds: Not even the New York Yankees' offer of reliever Mariano Rivera, rated one of the American League's top closers, cou... More >>

  • Tony Romo Throws Up; Jets Clean Up

    published Sep 12, 2011

    Is Tony Romo the dumbest mo-fo in the National Football League? "It was a dumb decision," he said of the throw that lost the game to the Jets last night. "I should have made sure, and that was my ... More >>

  • Floyd Mayweather, You're a Frat Boy! Stop Screwing Around with 50 Cent and Just Fight Manny Pacquiao Already.

    published Sep 12, 2011

    If you've been wondering why Floyd Mayweather has, for the past two years, been unable to come to terms with Manny Pacquiao for a fight which could gross $100 million — or is that $150 million... More >>

  • Aaron Rodgers on Mark Sanchez's GQ Spread: 'That's Terrible.'

    published Sep 08, 2011

    Lost in all the fuss over Mark Sanchez's photo spread in the September GQ is that it was a charity gig for Tuesday's Children, which benefits children of people who died on 9/11 and in other global te... More >>

  • Mark Teixeira's Acting Chops; NY Sports Stars Finally Debut on Entourage

    published Sep 06, 2011

    Why did it take Entourage eight years to put New York sports stars on the show? Since 2004, the boys from Queens — Vinnie, E, Drama, and Turtle — have been wearing Yankees, Giants and K... More >>

  • Jorge Posada: Sentimental Favorite, But That's About It

    published Aug 26, 2011

    What are the Yankees going to do about Jorge Posada? This is a question that concerns me because I love Jorge, and I would love to see him close out his career in the Bronx. But I'm baffled at the id... More >>


    published August 10, 2011

    Until the 1950s, the site of the Brooklyn Bridge Park was an active waterfront, but the ports there lost out to international ocean shipping just... More >>

  • R.I.P Mike Flanagan

    published Aug 25, 2011

    I didn't cry when I heard that former Baltimore pitcher (and current Orioles TV color commentator) Mike Flanagan shot himself in the head Wednesday afternoon. I did tear up a bit when I heard that Jim... More >>

  • A.J. Burnett's Hissy Fit Goes Into Hiding — Where's the Video?

    published Aug 22, 2011

    First, what happened to the videos of A.J. Burnett cursing out Joe Girardi for pulling him -- that's what happened: Burnett and Girardi know it, I know it, we all know it -- in the second inning of Sa... More >>

  • The Case for A.J. Burnett? You Mean There Really Is One?

    published Aug 19, 2011

    I was really surprised to check the stats an hour ago and find that the Yankees are second (to the Angels) in team ERA for the league, 3.57. (Boston is ninth at 3.89.) What's all the more surprising i... More >>

  • Memo to Yanks: Pitch By the Numbers, Not By the Salaries

    published Aug 16, 2011

    To sit through the plethora of stories about the Yankees' starting rotation you'd think they had pitching to burn. "Logjam" is the most common word used to describe the starting six, and, incredibly, ... More >>

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