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  • Mariano Rivera: Maybe He Really Is 41.

    published Aug 10, 2011

    "It's gonna happen every once and a while," said an ashen-faced Joe Girardi, after Curtis Granderson was picked off first base to end Tuesday night's game, with the Yankees losing 6-4 to the Angels. ... More >>

  • C.C. Sabathia: Just How Big a Problem?

    published Aug 08, 2011

    Everything about C.C. Sabathia is big, so I guess it's natural that his flaws are also big. After Saturday's disastrous outing with a 10-4 loss to the Red Sox at Fenway, Yankees fans must be worrying ... More >>

  • Bubba Smith, Huge Guy On and Off Gridiron, Found Dead at 66

    published Aug 04, 2011

    Charles Aaron "Bubba" Smith died yesterday in his home in Los Angeles at age 66 and took an awful lot of history with him. There were two primary reasons why Bubba Smith became such a folk hero whil... More >>

  • Football vs. Baseball? The Same Old B.S. Argument.

    published Aug 01, 2011

    ​It's the time of year for that oddest subgenre of sportswriting, the "Football vs. Baseball" column. Pro football, of course, always wins in these debates, largely because they're argued along the ... More >>

  • Let's Be Clear: NFL Players Smacked Down the Owners

    published Jul 25, 2011

    ​As you may have heard, the NFL lockout ended just a short time ago, and since the TV commentators I'm hearing seem to be confused about who actually came out on top, let me give it to you straight.... More >>

  • Carlos Beltran: Remembering a Great Career

    published Jul 22, 2011

    ​It's a shame that Carlos Beltran couldn't have delivered something more fitting than a soft fly ball to left in his final at-bat as a Met. But the fans at Citi Field yesterday didn't seem to care. ... More >>

  • U.S. v. Japan: A Final Kick in the Pants, But a Fantastic Run

    published Jul 18, 2011

    ​To me, the U.S. women's soccer team's bid for the World Cup was more inspiring than the 1980 men's Olympic hockey team's victory (you know, the "Miracle on Ice"). I think that what they were doing ... More >>

  • Credit Title IX, and Richard Nixon, for a U.S. Women's World Cup Win

    published Jul 14, 2011

    Like a cool shower giving respite from a heat wave, the U.S. women's soccer team rolls on, distracting us from ugly political and economic news and -- for at least a few moments -- bridging the count... More >>

  • Derek Jeter: What Are the Yankees Going to Do With Him?

    published Jul 11, 2011

    Derek Jeter is my favorite player -- that is, my family's favorite player. I have played the 3,000th-hit homer over and over. It is my favorite baseball moment of the new century, with the possible ex... More >>

  • NFL Lockout No Joke — Or Is It? Let's Go to the Video.

    published Jul 07, 2011

    Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout with Taylor Lautner from Taylor Lautner Funny or Die, the comedy film company co-started by Will Ferrell, almost makes the NFL lockout worthwhile with Field of Dreams 2... More >>

  • Derek Jeter is Better than Ramiro Peña -- Who Isn't?

    published Jul 05, 2011

    Have things gotten so bad for Derek Jeter that we're now measuring his value by how much he's not Ramiro Peña? "On the eve of Derek Jeter's return to pursue DJ3K," writes Andy Marchand on,... More >>

  • Jose Reyes Still Trails in All-Star Vote?! What's Wrong With You People?!

    published Jun 30, 2011

    ​This is for all New York baseball fans. I'm talking to you. I don't care whether you're a Yankees fan or Mets fan or somebody who just lives in or around New York and follows both teams. I want to ... More >>

  • Roger Maris and the Myth of the Asterisk

    published Jun 27, 2011

    Phil Pepe's superb new book, 1961: The Inside Story of the Maris-Mantle Home Run Chase (Triumph Books, $20.00) is the best thing yet written - or likely to be written - about the amazing season 50 yea... More >>


    published June 22, 2011

    This is the weekend for fireworks, and you can expect plenty on the field with these two hard-hitting archrivals. The Yankees have four... More >>

  • Brian Cashman: Out-Of-Touch Dork? Oh, Yes.

    published Jun 23, 2011

    Is Brian Cashman truly the out-of-touch dork that his critics believe him to be? Or is the headline on the back page of today's Daily News ("Short Story - Cashman Says Sorry Jose, Jeter's Our Man and ... More >>

  • Jose Reyes: A Franchise Player the Mets Can't Possibly Replace?

    published Jun 20, 2011

    Judging from the enthusiasm being displayed on the radio call-in shows, Mets fans may be putting a little too much stock in Jose Reyes' resounding statement on Friday that he's not going to go with S... More >>


    published June 15, 2011

    It's too early in the season for predictions, but this may be the year the New York Liberty go all the way. One of the eight original WNBA... More >>

  • The New York Mets: I'd Buy That for a Dollar!

    published Jun 16, 2011

    So what's the story? Can David Einhorn take over the Mets for just $1 in three years or can't he? According to the usually reliable Mike Ozanian at yesterday, "In three years hedge fund ma... More >>

  • Reminder: Dallas Mavericks Won a World Championship; It's Not All About LeBron

    published Jun 13, 2011

    If the NBA Finals confirmed one thing, it's that like him or love him - and an ESPN color map compiled before the sixth game with Dallas indicated that the majority of fans in 45 of 50 states hate h... More >>


    published June 8, 2011

    If you're a Yankees fan, a Mets fan, or just love baseball, the Brooklyn Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees give us a personal and... More >>

  • Plaxico Burress: Why He Deserves Another, Er, Shot

    published Jun 06, 2011

    Let's stop the ongoing debate about whether or not Plaxico Burress "deserves a second chance." Who really knows whether any ex-con is rehabilitated until years after he reenters society? What criteri... More >>


    published June 1, 2011

    First, relax about the name. By Naked Run, they mean bare feet or minimal footwear. Second, the event is the inspiration of author and... More >>

  • Mariano Rivera: Even the Outsiders Pitch In on His Greatness

    published Jun 02, 2011

    Mariano Rivera's 1,000th appearance in a Yankees uniform has triggered a slew of analytical articles examining various aspects of his greatness. Oddly enough, the most interesting ones didn't come fro... More >>

  • Alex Rodriguez, Joba Chamberlain, Derek Jeter 'Most Overrated' in Baseball? Please.

    published Jun 01, 2011

    It isn't often that the Daily News gets something like this right, but the cover story "Bronx Jeers! Jealous Nit-Wits Rip Yankees Stars in Player Poll" has it down. In the current issue of Sports Il... More >>


    published May 25, 2011

    Started in Orange County in 2008, the Maloof Money Cup came to New York City for the first time last year. Building a killer street course... More >>

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