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  • Steinbrenners Censoring Blogs? Can They Even Do That?

    published Jan 28, 2011

    Have the Steinbrenner Yankees actually reached a point where they're censoring bloggers? In today's Daily News, Bob Raissman thinks so: "The offseason speculation, triggered by the signing of reliev... More >>

  • ON YOUR MARK . . .

    published January 19, 2011

    The Millrose Games is the only sporting event we know that can trace its lineage to a major department store. In 1908, employees of... More >>

  • Don't Blame Mark Sanchez For Sunday's Disaster

    published Jan 24, 2011

    And now the New York sports media prepares for an off-season of what called "The Blame Game" in the wake of the Jets' 24-29 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here's a sampling from ESPN's Ian ... More >>

  • Jets Beat the Steelers Twice In a Row? Why Not?

    published Jan 21, 2011

    Let's get one thing out of the way right off: I'm hearing a lot of people on blogs and talk shows saying things like "I don't know if it really means anything that the Jets beat the Steelers (22-17) f... More >>

  • Is It Time to Say Bill Belichick and Tom Brady Are Overrated?

    published Jan 18, 2011

    Beli-choke? I've always thought that a large part of what they call the Sports Illustrated "jinx" is simply faulty analysis. For instance, the cover of last week's issue of SI featured New England... More >>


    published January 12, 2011

    Tired of snow already? One antidote to winter is the New York Boat Show. This year’s show offers the museum-quality History of Boating... More >>

  • Jets Chances Over Patriots? Not Very Promising

    published Jan 14, 2011

    If you look at it on paper, the Jets have a pretty decent chance on Sunday against the Patriots. New England averages 364 yards a game on offense to the Jets 351, a negligible difference. In fact, not... More >>

  • Rex Ryan Has a Big Mouth -- And the Wins to Back It Up

    published Jan 13, 2011

    Nobody, certainly not me, is going to argue that Rex Ryan doesn't have a big mouth. Whether or not his mouth is bigger than his coaching ability is something we'll know more about in the next couple o... More >>

  • If Auburn Wins Tonight, Its Title May Be Short-Lived

    published Jan 10, 2011

    If the Bowl Championship Series has accomplished nothing else - and most critics would argue that it hasn't - it has at least made the final title game into a national story as no college game, not ev... More >>


    published January 5, 2011

    Kettlebells are the new exercise rage. Russian in origin, they look like metal balls with handles on them, starting at four pounds and going up to... More >>

  • Jets Will Whip the Colts Tomorrow. Unless They Don't.

    published Jan 07, 2011

    Trying to predict what's going to happen in tomorrow night's Jets-Colts game is, well, kind of like trying to predict the New York Jets during the regular season. Which team is going to show up? The t... More >>

  • Tom Coughlin Will Sort of Remain in Control of the Giants

    published Jan 03, 2011

    With about five minutes to go in the Giants 17-14 victory over the Redskins in Washington yesterday, the bad news was flashed across our TV screens: the Green Bay Packers had defeated the Chicago Bear... More >>

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