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  • Russian the Net

    published November 21, 2000

    They were at home in Florida, replenishing their red blood cells, resting their joints, and filling their sketchbooks at fashion college, but the... More >>

  • The Voice of Treason

    published November 14, 2000

    They're talking votes, going at it as hard as they can/It's Mike and the Mad Dog on the FAN. Actually, the theme song was about... More >>

  • Subway Summary

    published October 31, 2000

    The special commemorative sections are lining the bottoms of Gotham's birdcages, the ticker tape's on its way to Fresh Kills, and the 7, 4, and D... More >>

  • In the Series, It's the Unbeatable Bronx Bombers

    published October 24, 2000

    OCTOBER 23—Forget about the Subway Series. This week's true once-in-a-lifetime event is the Yankees' astonishing 14-game World Series... More >>

  • The Scene at Shea

    published October 24, 2000

    OCTOBER 25—"Yeah," shouted Paul O'Neill, sarcasm dripping like boysenberry syrup at the local IHOP. Then the grizzled slugger threw up... More >>

  • Mystery Train

    published October 24, 2000

    Governor George Pataki should be really pleased with himself today. By declaring the No. 7 Train free back to Manhattan after Wednesday night's... More >>

  • Ceeeeeeel-e-bra-tion Time, Come On!

    published October 24, 2000

    OCTOBER 27—For all its seeming anarchy, there are very definite rules to a World Series clubhouse celebration, and if anyone has ever... More >>

  • Patience Is a Virtue

    published October 17, 2000

    Like a patient on ER who suddenly jerks up off the gurney and begins belting out show tunes in the middle of an open-heart massage, the... More >>

  • Golden Moments

    published September 19, 2000

    Sure, you've heard a lot about the truly heroic moments in Olympic history: Bob Beamon's record-breaking long jump, Abebe Bikili winning the... More >>

  • How Venus Got Her Groove Back

    published September 12, 2000

    The question hung in the air in the interview room at Flushing Meadows like the lob that Martina Hingis couldn't quite put away: "What's your... More >>

  • Anatomy of a $12 Million Arm

    published July 18, 2000

    Two guys in a bar: "Coney's throwing batting practice up there. Man, I coulda hit that last fastball. Hell, you coulda hit that last fastball."... More >>

  • Yanks: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

    published July 11, 2000

    "Hey, what you gonna do now, D?" asked Spike Lee as he backslapped Derek Jeter in the Yankee clubhouse, a few minutes before the clock struck... More >>

  • Masters of Their Domain

    published June 13, 2000

    The last time that Manhattan was the center of the men's tennis universe, Jimmy Carter was president, economists were trying to figure out how to... More >>

  • The Winning Formula

    published May 9, 2000

    For the first month of the season the Yankees have been an enigma wrapped in a conundrum surrounded by last week's tabloids. To the casual... More >>

  • Survival of the Fittest

    published April 18, 2000

    Let's rewind a bit—go back a dozen short years into what, compared to today, was a dark age for women's sports. Check the videotape and... More >>

  • Yanks: Three-peat or De-feat?

    published April 4, 2000

    Attention fashionistas, come October Pat Riley might be in the market for a few new Armani double-breasteds, or maybe even something a little more... More >>

  • Below the Rim

    published March 28, 2000

    Nobody will admit to it, but for many hoops fans there's only one reason to tune in the NCAA Final Four this weekend: to watch white guys play... More >>

  • Sports Journalist Of The Year

    published January 11, 2000

    Robert Lipsyte, The New York Times "I really believe that sports is incredibly important. A lot of definitions and... More >>

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