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  • Pseudo’s Surveillance Palace

    published December 14, 1999

    'Big Brother' keeps getting bigger—or at least more marketable. This sadistic Dutch TV show began in September, when eight ordinary people... More >>

  • Tools of the Trader

    published September 7, 1999

    It's a slow day on Wall Street in late August, but the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) still feels like the inside of a... More >>

  • Cruising Altitude

    published August 3, 1999

    Flying cars have always been the favored mode of sci-fi transport—without them, Deckard, Skywalker, Buck Rogers, and George Jetson would have... More >>

  • Ticket to Tomorrow

    published June 8, 1999

    Between meetings with Governor Pataki and Senator Moynihan, the City Landmarks Commission, and the Federal Railroad Administration, Alex Washburn... More >>

  • A New Alliance: Whintel

    published April 27, 1999

    It was with no small measure of ambition and an unprecedented $6 million grant from Intel that the Whitney Museum of American Art produced its... More >>

  • Computer Viruses Hit Museum!

    published March 30, 1999

    "Touch here to attack the body," command the video-game monitors at the American Museum of Natural History's new exhibition, "Epidemic! The World... More >>

  • Monitor Madness!

    published March 9, 1999

    You won't get a bonus chotchke if you buy a Value Meal at Peter Allen Abramson's Burger King franchise on lower Broadway. Instead, you'll get a... More >>

  • Hit Girls

    published January 26, 1999

    In 1982, two boys dragged 54-year-old, five-foot Gabriella Van Battenberg to a Prospect Park alcove and tried to rape her. She narrowly escaped. A... More >>

  • Recreating a Rialto

    published January 12, 1999

    Their entrepreneurial gumption may sound familiar: Two young guys with pricey educations and a lifelong friendship dream up an online business... More >>

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