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  • Mysterious Producer Wankers Deploy Wan Whumps

    published December 5, 2006

    Unfurl the ink drawing that makes up the sphinx-y cover of the debut disc from this mysterious British production team and you have a centerfold... More >>

  • The Secret Garden

    published November 7, 2006

    Down in Alphabet City, I'm waiting for White Magic to appear. Voted Best New Band in these pages in 2004 (and making critics' lists elsewhere)... More >>

  • British Folk's Own Hendrix Enjoys New Friends, Old Excellence

    published November 7, 2006

    From this side of the Atlantic, Bert Jansch's latest appears to be a comeback, but the Brit folk master has steadfastly released records of fine... More >>

  • Ebony & Ivory, Lowdown & Nasty

    published October 24, 2006

    When Tony Joe White last played New York at Joe's Pub in September, his concert poster made him out to be a slick Stevie Ray Vaughn type. Not to... More >>

  • Get Purely Physical

    published September 5, 2006

    Had I not known better, I would've sworn that Renee Scroggins, vocalist and unofficial mouthpiece for New York City's legendary sister act ESG,... More >>

  • Hot House Flowers

    published August 15, 2006

    There's a gruff thunk! of a needle to wax, and a vaudeville piano starts to plink a tune you could imagine emanating from a... More >>

  • Bearded DJ Freaks Screw Up Frequently, Royally, Splendidly

    published August 1, 2006

    A disgruntled user at recently bemoaned the "technical fumbles" of NYC duo Rub 'n' Tug's live... More >>

  • Postpunk Heroes Reheated, But Still White-Hot

    published July 4, 2006

    It's about bloody time. Murmured about for years, this long-anticipated box containing every bit of music released by postpunk trio This Heat... More >>

  • Swedish Acts Mix Fire and Ice, Occasionally Get Lukewarm Water

    published June 20, 2006

    "Speedy" is not quite the apt descriptor for José González's velocity. The Swedish singer-songwriter's sole album, Veneer... More >>

  • Stuffy Schizo

    published May 23, 2006

    Dance music has been living down its tag as "body music" ever since the disco bash out at Comiskey in 1977, given that "body" is synonymous with... More >>

  • Jungle Fever

    published May 16, 2006

    It's hard to not make a "living la vida loca" joke when discussing Chilean ex-pat DJ-producer Ricardo Villalobos—even the man himself uses... More >>

  • Punks in the Beerlight

    published May 9, 2006

    Throughout my luncheon with Oakley Hall frontman Pat Sullivan, I can't help noticing that he's missing a finger on his picking hand, in the... More >>

  • The Italian Maestro Outlasts Giallo Celluloid, Triumphs Over El Presidente

    published February 28, 2006

    It's inexcusable to mention Ipecac's el presidente Mike Patton alongside the maestro, Ennio Morricone (as John Zorn does in the liner... More >>

  • Back to the Future

    published February 7, 2006

    No matter how scruffy Beth Orton gets in her wayback machine (mewling malevolent-era John Martyn or getting dusty with Terry Callier and... More >>

  • Looking for Blind Joe Death

    published January 24, 2006

    What do you think about the Mormons?" This abrupt religious inquiry came at me in the summer of 1999, in a warbling voice from one of my few... More >>

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