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    published December 29, 2009

    Yes, 2009 was a good year for underground dance fetes. The gents behind Mister Saturday Night/Sunday Best brought in top-notch Detroit, London,... More >>

  • 'Mr. Saturday Night Presents Greg Wilson'

    published December 29, 2009

    Give credit to one of dance music's earliest disco editors; Greg Wilson's career stretches back decades. Originally a fan of jazz-funk in the... More >>

  • WYNU's Beats in Space Turns 500

    published December 22, 2009

    For nearly a third of his life, this has been Tim Sweeney's Tuesday night, week after week, semester after semester, year after year. Shortly... More >>


    published December 15, 2009

    Not to be confused with the UK's dark dubstepper (and notorious no-show) Zomby, this Zombi is a duo of Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra, analog... More >>

  • Fuck Buttons

    published November 24, 2009

    On a music message board a week or so ago, someone summed up the Fuck Buttons live experience so succinctly as to render this entry obsolete: "It... More >>

  • Dirty Projectors

    published November 17, 2009

    Despite a van crash earlier this summer, nothing could really derail Dave Longstreth and co. as they made 2009 their year, garnering mountainous... More >>

  • The Raw Revelations of Fire in My Bones

    published November 3, 2009

    In the winter 2003 issue of the lamentably defunct magazine Sound Collector Audio Review, writer/critic Mike McGonigal gushes about two... More >>

  • Carsick Cars

    published November 3, 2009

    As the Beijing indie label Maybe Mars pulls into town to (perhaps) show us the future of rock music as a "Made in China" brand name this week... More >>

  • Vince Aletti's Disco Diaries

    published October 20, 2009

    On my way to interview former Village Voice art director (and current New Yorker photography critic) Vince Aletti, I happen to... More >>

  • Aeroplane (CMJ)

    published October 20, 2009

    Ever since their dreamy and pounding first singles "Caramellas" and "Pacific Air Race," the Belgian duo of Vito De Luca and Stephen Fasano have... More >>

  • The Mars Volta

    published October 6, 2009

    For all of the Mars Volta member Omar Rodríguez-López's massive output in 2009 (including said band's fifth studio album, an album... More >>

  • 'Sunday Best with DJ Harvey'

    published September 1, 2009

    Harvey Bassett once banged drums for a John Peel-approved punk band, before ditching them for the drum breaks he heard in the Bronx back in the... More >>

  • 'DFA Boat Party Presents Canyons'

    published August 11, 2009

    As Canyons, Aussies Leo Holiday and Ryan Sea-mist know how to make asses quake on both hemispheres. With an acid-splashed house sound that is by... More >>

  • Grace Jones

    published July 28, 2009

    The bedeviling Ms. Jones needn't title her comeback album Hurricane, as her fans already know her to be a force of nature, liable to both... More >>

  • The Sacred Bones Label Finds Shades of Dark

    published July 1, 2009

    "It's kind of awkward, isn't it?" Caleb Braaten asks, apologetic but with a knowing chuckle. "Usually, we just sit here and drink beers and... More >>

  • Night Dubbin': Paradise Garage Regained

    published June 3, 2009

    From the rabidness of England's Northern soul fanatics for Motown 45s to the hoovering up of any and all Blue Note LPs by Japanese jazzbos, it... More >>

  • The Inhuman League: the Juan MacLean

    published April 15, 2009

    "Watch your step," John MacLean warns as he navigates through Plantain Studio, situated in a West Village basement three floors beneath the... More >>

  • Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

    published March 25, 2009

    A few years back, an Ariel Pink concert was guaranteed to be a trainwreck, whether Mr. Pink was squeezed into a young girl's dress, unable to cue... More >>

  • Henrik Schwarz

    published March 18, 2009

    If it weren't apparent from Henrik Schwarz's DJ Kicks entry that the man has an eclectic sensibility on the dance floor (mixing James Brown,... More >>

  • The Joys of DIY Disco, Courtesy of Revenge of the Nerds

    published March 4, 2009

    It's an early Tuesday morning at meatpacking district dance club Cielo, and Norwegian producer Todd Terje, a/k/a Tangoterje, a/k/a Wade Nichols... More >>

  • White Magic+Highlife

    published February 18, 2009

    A few years back, White Magic were a Brooklyn band par excellence: melodic yet driving, playful and haunting. As singer/pianist Mira Billotte... More >>

  • Kath Bloom

    published February 11, 2009

    Only if your ears were particularly attuned would you recall the name Kath Bloom. She sang alongside Loren Mazzacane Connors back in the '80s and,... More >>

  • The Revenge of TV on the Radio

    published January 21, 2009

    Two years ago, the cover illustration for the 34th Village Voice Pazz & Jop issue featured a near-septuagenarian white man running over... More >>

  • Simone White

    published January 21, 2009

    At last year's Damon Albarn-sponsored Honest Jon's Chop Up, the most perplexing figure was not Albarn behind a keyboard, Tony Allen on the drum... More >>

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