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  • A New Grinch for the Stage

    published December 18, 2007

    'Tis the season when the virtues of charity, warmth, and kindness are reiterated upon screens large and small—and, of course, onstage. And... More >>

  • Howard Barker's A Hard Heart

    published November 13, 2007

    Howard Barker's A Hard Heart unfolds in a kind of Brechtian Never-Never-Land, a timeless realm of fantastical extremes. Here, Praxis... More >>

  • A View From 151st Street

    published October 23, 2007

    Smooth jazz strains mix enticingly with the jagged beat and rhymes of gangsta rap in A View From 151st Street, Bob Glaudini's urban... More >>

  • The Shape of Metal

    published September 11, 2007

    Nell Jeffrey (Roberta Maxwell) might be a great sculptor, but she's been a bad mom, and as death approaches, she's having regrets about her life:... More >>

  • The Soul Hole

    published August 28, 2007

    The legendary darkness of Faust's deal with Satan and his minions gets a Looney Tunes–like commedia dell'arte spin in Vít... More >>

  • Note Man's Land

    published August 7, 2007

    When asked to play Pachelbel's Canon for a TV appearance, one member of the fictional string quartet at the center of Michael Hollinger's... More >>

  • What a Meth

    published July 24, 2007

    In The Ted Haggard Monologues, playwright-performer Michael Yates Crowley works in a vein that might best be described as solo Saturday... More >>

  • Debt-defying Acts

    published July 3, 2007

    James Rasheed rips a page from David Mamet's notebook with Professional Skepticism. Or, since Rasheed's dramedy centers on a group of... More >>

  • The Italian Job

    published June 26, 2007

    Shakespeare's indomitable heroine Helena (a feisty and well-spoken Karen Sternberg) has more to overcome than a beau who doesn't love her in John... More >>

  • Tragedy on 4th Street

    published May 29, 2007

    Shakespeare's "star cross'd lovers" get some extra company in Ellen Stewart's freewheeling, convoluted adaptation of Romeo and... More >>

  • Wall of Confusion

    published May 15, 2007

    In Memory, Jonathan Lichtenstein's potent exploration of how people compartmentalize their experiences, barriers-—both physical and... More >>

  • Mail-Ardor Bride

    published May 1, 2007

    What becomes a composer with a conflicted legacy most? An equally dichotomous piece of musical theater. Make no mistake about it: ... More >>

  • Springer Awakening

    published April 17, 2007

    If Sam Shepard were to write a teen coming-of-age play, it might come out like Ashlin Halfnight's Mud Blossom. Set in rural Louisiana, the... More >>

  • Orested Development

    published March 27, 2007

    In Theodora Skipitares's productions (where actors with Bunraku puppets make the larger-than-life Greek myths surprisingly human), you can always... More >>

  • The Twelfth Step

    published March 13, 2007

    Anyone with a passing familiarity with AA has probably heard "The Serenity Prayer." In it, one asks for "the serenity to accept the things I... More >>

  • Homeland Bound

    published February 27, 2007

    We live in scary times. Posters and searches in the subway are reminders of potential terrorist attacks, which our government references to defend... More >>

  • Asylum Seekers

    published February 20, 2007

    Don't get too used to the civility that precedes Christopher McElroen's revival of Peter Weiss's Marat/Sade. After you've been greeted by a... More >>

  • Caveat Mentor

    published February 13, 2007

    Two-time Emmy winner Daniel J. Travanti's attraction to Oren Safdie's two-character comedy-drama The Last Word . . . is understandable. In... More >>

  • Untaming of the Jew

    published February 6, 2007

    Mention Christopher Marlowe's dark Elizabethan comedy The Jew of Malta, and anti-Semitism comes to mind, not the word "rollicking." Yet,... More >>

  • Close Encounter

    published January 23, 2007

    Never has "getting a bite of the apple" proved to be as dangerous as it is in Amiri Baraka's Dutchman (his last play written under the name LeRoi... More >>

  • Face Value

    published January 16, 2007

    In Billboard, Andy Price (Ken Matthews) uses corporate marketing practices to his advantage and sells his forehead to the highest bidder,... More >>

  • Thong Show

    published January 2, 2007

    An undercurrent of bemused rage runs through Matt Morillo's Angry Young Women. From the piece's opening monologue in which a woman (Devon... More >>

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