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  • 76:50 — The lifespan of the anti-Jim-Gray website

    published November 9, 1999

    "Slow and steady wins the race" is a maxim hanging over no Web-weaver's cubicle. Speed is a function of viability, whether fairly or no; projects... More >>

  • The War of the Rings

    published September 14, 1999

    Peter Jackson is teasing his Internet stalkers unmercifully. It's probably the only thing to do when you've got tens of thousands of them spying... More >>

  • Gerbil in a Microwave

    published August 24, 1999

    In the dark and dense forest of The Blair Witch Project—not the movie itself, but in the hype surrounding its Net-heavy publicity... More >>

  • Byte Me, Retail Boy

    published August 17, 1999

    Put a computer in the home, and women are nearly as likely as men to go online. But despite their surging Internet savvy, millions of women... More >>

Archives: 1999