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    published December 22, 1998

    Ah. The rush of kick-starting a company. The deep pleasure-chills of downsizing. The scent of acquisition in the morning. Admittedly, the joys... More >>

  • 'Link Different'

    published December 8, 1998

    Five people are easy to overlook. During the monster furor over AOL's purchase of Netscape Communications last week, the five folks were lost,... More >>

  • Crashing the Messengers

    published November 24, 1998

    Back in September, an undercover cop, fronting as a student named "John," sent a concerned e-mail to two Internet service providers (ISPs) in... More >>

  • Marooned!

    published November 17, 1998

    There is no greater disaster in the spiritual life than to be immersed in unreality... —Thomas Merton, Thoughts in... More >>

  • Chain Re: Action

    published November 3, 1998

    Richard got the word on Friday from Ben up at Columbia--they'd only had one date, but Ben had e-mailed it to every gay man he knew in New York.... More >>

  • Progress or Piracy?

    published October 27, 1998

    I could start with some Radiohead or Squirrel Nut Zippers or whatever else is at hand, but I settle on my twin brother because he's in the family,... More >>

  • Technoreality Check

    published October 13, 1998

    Just six months ago, the 12 founding Technorealists were clamoring for the chance to talk. Now, it's tricky to find one willing to go on the... More >>

  • Day Without Color

    published September 29, 1998

    Xena's World, Werewolf's Den, the Anti-pedophile Network, Buffyholics Anonymous, it's almost impossible to imagine the visitors to... More >>

  • Radical Robots

    published September 15, 1998

    And you thought Capsela and Lite Brite were complicated. LEGO--the Danish company known for its plastic bricks that nearly every American child... More >>

  • Face Off

    published September 8, 1998

    Just after the crescendo of the "Central Park Jogger" case in 1990, Stacy Horn, founder of the predominantly white New York electronic bulletin... More >>

  • Conjuring Communities

    published August 25, 1998

    The number of willing corpses is stunning. In the past month, over 150 young people have posted on the pen pal list "Corpse / Respondents" at The... More >>

  • Cinema of Forking Paths

    published August 18, 1998

    This column begins with Leslie, an anxious secretary rushing from the office to a rendezvous with an FBI agent. It also begins with "Kylie... More >>

  • Designing the Future

    published August 11, 1998

    You wouldn't expect revelation from the pages of PCs for Dummies and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page. But... More >>

  • Shape Shifting

    published August 4, 1998

    For those who have managed to avoid Web "content" thus far, well, now it's coming to you. In scattered camps across the Alley, local developers,... More >>

  • Virgin Territory

    published July 28, 1998

    The evidence of Diane and Mike's deflowering is all over the Net--but at this point, it's all just dirty laundry. Last week, the pair of comely,... More >>

  • Fanning the Fame

    published July 21, 1998

    The high-powered players running this week's Intel New York Music Festival ( are poised to pitch... More >>

  • Framing Diana

    published July 14, 1998

    The exploding cocks, suppurating eyeballs, and rotting Christs in Mike Diana's drawings can be hard to look at, but an online auction opened last... More >>

  • CopyCat

    published July 7, 1998

    On June 18, Irene Santoso discovered she had a doppelgänger. Santoso, creative director at local Web design firm US Web, was routinely... More >>

  • Future Schlock

    published June 30, 1998

    Monday, June 15: Martin Nisenholtz, president of The New York Times electronic publishing division, turns to the perky PR handler... More >>

  • Taking in the Trash

    published June 23, 1998

    When historians finally get around to tackling the Net, the Net will likely tackle them. The source material is already so suffused with... More >>

  • Burning Bridges

    published June 16, 1998

    You'll learn a lot from Michael Wolff's new book, Burn Rate, about the "gold rush years" on the Internet--how an "impacted" and... More >>

  • Señor Stereotype

    published June 9, 1998

    El Mexterminator and Cyber Vato, adorned in chrome leg braces, crampons, and Indian headdresses, don't stand a chance of getting a table at... More >>

  • Opening Windows

    published June 2, 1998

    Silicon Alley entrepreneurs have a great defender in New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco, whether they want one or not. Vacco, who is... More >>

  • Photographic Memory

    published May 26, 1998

    Patrick Moore, head of the archival service Estate Project for Artists With AIDS ( More >>

  • Next Frontier

    published May 19, 1998

    One cartoon depicts a newspaper bundled with chain and padlock. Another shows two hands smothering a squawking radio with a pillow. The message of... More >>

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