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  • Higher-Educated Consumers

    published May 12, 1998

    Six new computers appeared at the offices of NYU's computer science department last week, a goodwill donation from Microsoft worth about $12,000.... More >>

  • Satori in Queens

    published May 5, 1998

    A group of ecstatic second-graders from P.S.205 were chasing red spotlights that darted across the floor, until, in a flash, they realized that... More >>

  • Criminal Information

    published April 28, 1998

    Anticipation of the April 14 trial of Kevin Mitnick, America's most wanted computer outlaw, has been building for months. But as the preliminary... More >>

  • Digitizing Megan's Law

    published April 21, 1998

    You could know some important things about 31-year-old Timothy Fontaine without meeting him: his street address, his physical characteristics,... More >>

  • Machine Age

    published March 24, 1998

    Issues. Culture. Endings.Maybe it was the piece about coffee colonics, complete with a tastefully designed animation of anal leakage. Or... More >>

  • The End of the Beginning?

    published March 17, 1998

    It had to happen some time. Two of the oldest and most esteemed Alley Web projects, Downtown cicerone TotalNY ( More >>

  • Technobabble

    published March 10, 1998

    Monday morning, I almost became a brand. When a speaker failed to show for the "Cross Media Marketing" panel of last week's bustling Silicon Alley... More >>

  • Machine Age

    published March 3, 1998

    First the Barbie Liberation Organization was awarded $3000 after swapping the electronic voice boxes in some hundred GI Joe and Barbie dolls so... More >>

  • Trial by Fire

    published February 24, 1998

    How do you get in people's faces from a flat screen? The directors of Franklin Furnace, the 21-year-old performance space in Tribeca created to... More >>

  • Star Search

    published February 17, 1998

    Tim Nye, CEO of Silicon Alley company Sunshine Digital, stars in a Microsoft TV spot. A Razorfish "implementation specialist" hawks footwear in a... More >>

  • Sadistic Disc

    published February 10, 1998

    Forget trying to adjust the volume--the techno beat blaring out of your computer speaker is entirely out of your control. Clicking adamantly won't... More >>

  • Totally New York

    published February 3, 1998

    If there's one common quality among media-marinated New Yorkers, it's this: the fastest way to their hearts is through the byline. The roster of... More >>

  • Echoing Forth

    published January 27, 1998

    "My father smashed my mother's brains in with a hammer when I was 14 years old," recounts Simon Egleton, a musician and longtime member of the New... More >>

  • Free for All

    published January 20, 1998

    Information may want to be free, but does knowledge want to go gratis? Risking profits for the sake of progress, NYU Press has decided to publish... More >>

  • Service Withholder?

    published January 13, 1998

    Like many flame wars, this one began with a compliment. When Brooklyn-based freelance Web designer Terry Baker, who runs a lucid personal... More >>

  • Year of Living Digitally

    published January 6, 1998

    Amid the year's avalanche of freshly minted jargon--"blamestorming," "crapplet," and "backhoeing the server farm" (translation, anyone?)--1997's... More >>

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