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2004 Stories by B. Kite

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  • Film

    published September 7, 2004

    "One single mystery for persons and objects," Robert Bresson wrote, and it's no disservice to his models (to use his preferred term) to note that... More >>

  • Resurrecting Trad, the Twist, and a Rude Birdie

    published July 20, 2004

    Something weird is happening in Middle America: You can see it in Conrad Birdie's revelation in the courthouse park, howling a hymn to the... More >>

  • Film

    published June 29, 2004

    The stencil for a thousand crime films to follow and even after 70-some years a sleek model of narrative excitement and paranoid construction,... More >>

  • Ring Sequel Shifts Terms of the World, Possibly Hurts You

    published June 15, 2004

    The fantastic is a genre between. In the zone that separates life and death, dream and waking life, it offers a playful promise—or... More >>

Archives: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002

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