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  • 2012 - Southern California Journalism Awards/LA Press Club, published December 1, 2011

    "Bud Bundy, Original Gangsta"

  • 2007 - Salute to Excellence Awards/National Association of Black Journalists

    "Ace of Spaides"

  • 2006 - Salute to Excellence Awards/National Association of Black Journalists, published September 14, 2005

    "Rap vs. Rapture"

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  • From Madvillain to Milli Vanilli

    published August 28, 2007

    The co-owner of San Francisco club the Independent got a call from underground rapper MF Doom's agent mid-afternoon on August 15, saying the... More >>

  • Ali & Gipp's Kinfolk

    published August 14, 2007

    An August release for Ali & Gipp's Kinfolk is perfect. The single "Go Head" is tearing up the strip clubs fresh on the heels of Nelly's... More >>

  • A Man for the (Stone) Ages

    published August 7, 2007

    It's been accused of crass commercialism, a lack of imagination, and even racism—and ABC's new show Cavemen hasn't even aired. ... More >>

  • Alphabet Aerobics

    published July 31, 2007

    Nas's Hip Hop Is Dead has inspired a level of fear and introspection not recently seen in the discipline. Doomsayers cite plummeting record... More >>

  • Big on Japan

    published June 19, 2007

    Brian Hughes, a/k/a B-Money, is feeling pretty sharp for 6:45 in the morning Tokyo time, considering that he just staggered back from a Kyoto... More >>

  • Rap Us a Song, You're the Piano Man

    published June 12, 2007

    Indie rap has been good to Louis Logic, a Fat Beats–signed veteran who fills clubs in Australia and drives both a black Mazda Miata and a red... More >>

  • 1,440 Minutes

    published May 22, 2007

    When anthropologists someday debate the exact moment when MTV became cool again, they'd do well to consider May 18–19,... More >>

  • End Run

    published May 22, 2007

    I'm sitting on a couch on the 19th floor of the Affinia Manhattan, just a few feet away from the world's most coveted rear end. Legions of men... More >>

  • One Pill Makes You Giddier

    published May 15, 2007

    The White Rabbits are that overfriendly high school junior in the pleated chinos who somehow ends up sleeping with the hottest senior gymnast at a... More >>

  • White Like Me

    published April 17, 2007

    April 9 began early for Victor Varnado at a Brooklyn warehouse where he was scheduled to perform in a black comedy about a suicide hotline. He... More >>

  • Edge of 38

    published March 20, 2007

    John Roderick, the founder, singer, and guitarist for Seattle literati-pop band the Long Winters, is poised to reap the whirlwind of his... More >>

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