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  • Moistboyz

    published November 27, 2013

    With Ween done, Mickey Melchiondo has revived longtime outfit Moistboyz, the lewd 'n' crude punk bar band he shares with a dude even more... More >>

  • Netherlands+Wild Yaks

    published November 13, 2013

    Multi-instrumentalist weirdo Timo Ellis has been toiling around the NYC avant scene for the last two decades, contributing his wizardry to such... More >>

  • Big Ups: Jam Band Weedeaters and Jesus Lizard Fanatics

    published Nov 29, 2013

    The twenty-something, NYU-bred noise-rocking brainiacs in Brooklyn's Big Ups are nestled in a corner booth at Greenpoint's Manhattan Inn, downing Buds while barely looking old enough to drink, crackin... More >>

  • Mick Turner

    published November 6, 2013

    For the last two decades, Aussie six-string luminary Mick Turner has sculpted majestic soundscapes through the lens of groundbreaking instrumental... More >>

  • Oozing Wound

    published October 30, 2013

    Chi-town metal long-hairs Oozing Wound have head-banged their hardcore-cum-thrashtastic bludgeon into their exclusive hometown Thrill Jockey... More >>

  • Oozing Wound

    published October 30, 2013

    Chi-town metal long-hairs Oozing Wound have head-banged their hardcore-cum-thrashtastic bludgeon into their exclusive hometown Thrill Jockey... More >>


    Inside the Skronking, Wacky World of Melt-Banana

    published Nov 01, 2013

    "I wanted to name the album using a word that was cute and started with 'F,'" says screeching vocalist Yako about the impetus behind fetch, the first album from legendary Japanese noise-makers Melt-... More >>

  • Cellular Chaos

    published October 30, 2013

    Local no wave skronk-mongers Cellular Chaos are the real effin' deal: Improvising extremist Weasel Walter slings the most criminally underrated... More >>

  • Zevious+Sonar

    published September 25, 2013

    Brooklyn’s Shapeshifter has already established itself as a haven for jazz-metal, but now NYC forward-thinkers Zevious enter into the fray:... More >>


    We Had Two of the City's Top Guitar Players Talk About Anything But Guitar

    published Oct 11, 2013

    Shred sculpting radicals of the highest order, Mary Halvorson and Brandon Seabrook are two of Brooklyn's finest six-stringers. Both have reigned as the Voice's Best NY guitarists and the intrepid pair... More >>


    Brooklyn's Shark? Are Beer-Swilling Grand Theft Auto V Sell-Outs

    published Oct 01, 2013

    The Coors Light-loving, California girls-hating, noise-pop-obsessive dudes in Brooklyn locals Shark? are helping lead an ever-bulging batch of on-the-rise indie rock bands who champion one another, ... More >>


    FLAG'S Chuck Dukowski Pretty Much Confirms Greg Ginn Is a Total Douchebag

    published Sep 18, 2013

    A total fucking godhead of bass guitar shred, Black Flag's Chuck Dukowski annihilated the four-string on massively iconic records like Damaged while penning a chunk of BF's most iconic tunes ("My War,... More >>


    That Time the Melvins Played With Yoko Ono

    published Jul 31, 2013

    The Melvins--immortal avant-metal overlords of cataclysmic, stadium-sized riffage, double-drum devastation and deliciously diabolical yelping--are the freakishly genius punk crushers that the late Kur... More >>

  • Brooklyn's Deveykus Combine Doom Metal With Jazz, Traditional Jewish Music, and Chutzpah

    published June 26, 2013

    The same June evening avant-gardist junkies flocked to Roulette to pay tribute to free jazz radical Milford Graves at Vision Fest, Greenpoint... More >>

  • An Older and Wiser Mudhoney Return with <i>Vanishing Point</i>

    An Older and Wiser Mudhoney Return with Vanishing Point

    published May 08, 2013

    It's 10:30 a.m. in Seattle at Sub Pop Records HQ and Mark Arm—the mercurial, spit-slinging singer for proto-grunge legends and original "Loser" poster boys Mudhoney—is about to hit the wor... More >>

  • H.R. of Bad Brains is Not Crazy, Insists Jamie Saft

    H.R. of Bad Brains is Not Crazy, Insists Jamie Saft

    published Apr 16, 2013

    With a monstrous, flowing, godlike beard, multi-instrumental guru Jamie Saft resembles a Hasidic mountain man who should be jamming on meaty blues licks with his beloved ZZ Top instead of the downto... More >>

  • Emilie Weibel

    published April 3, 2013

    Along with the glorious virtuoso jazz vocalist Fay Victor, Swiss miss Brooklynite Emilie Weibel is one of the shining lights leading Brooklyn's... More >>

  • Sondra Sun-Odeon

    published March 27, 2013

    Epically divine sounds transcend minds in the musical dreamworld of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sondra Sun-Odeon, also half of... More >>

  • 'swissted Book Launch'

    published March 6, 2013

    Schooled on hardcore, NYC graphic design wizard Mike Joyce has made album art for everyone from Iggy to David Sedaris, but it’s his... More >>

  • Endless Boogie Don't Have Their Shit Together

    published February 13, 2013

    It's balls-cold frigid on the LES and the members of New York City's debauched blues guitarorrists Endless Boogie meander inside their favorite... More >>

  • Extra Life

    published January 16, 2013

    After just five years, Brooklyn's Renaissance art-chamber post-punk literati Extra Life bid farewell at 285 Kent. Shepherded by schoolteacher... More >>

  • In Praise of David S. Ware: Remembering the Saxophone Pioneer

    published Jan 07, 2013

    With the passing of avant-garde visionary behemoth David S. Ware this past October at 62 years too young, a monumental crater was forever ingrained in the jazz lexicon. Ware, in supreme alliance with ... More >>

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