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  • Next Tel

    published November 9, 2004

    Q. My mailbox is absolutely flooded with postcards from Time Warner, trying to sell me on this newfangled digital phone service. Sounds like a... More >>

  • Speed for Free

    published October 26, 2004

    Q. I've maxed out the RAM on my year-old Dell, but it's still sluggish. My brother says I can boost the performance by fiddling with the paging... More >>

  • Jurassic Snark

    published October 19, 2004

    Q. My young 'un is finally reaching gaming age, and I'd like to introduce him to some of the classics I used to enjoy. I mean, how can the tyke... More >>

  • Hits and Bits

    published October 5, 2004

    Q. Is there some way for me to record tracks off Internet radio stations, so I can rock 'em on my iPod? There's this one midnight show on CBC... More >>

  • At Your Service Pack

    published September 21, 2004

    Q: I recently installed Service Pack 2 on my Windows XP machine, and now the system's gone all screwy: Internet Explorer won't display... More >>

  • Fax of Life

    published September 14, 2004

    Q. I'm sick to death of having to print out documents, then lug 'em over to my antiquated fax machine. I'm sure there's a way to send faxes... More >>

  • When Open-Source Wins

    published September 7, 2004

    Q. I've been shopping around for an MP3 player, and I read that one thing I should consider is whether the gizmo can play Ogg Vorbis files.... More >>

  • Times Squared

    published August 31, 2004

    Q. I just saw a super-cheap iPod in the window of one of those Times Square electronics stores. Been wanting one for- ever, and the Apple... More >>

  • Cowhide Logic

    published August 24, 2004

    Q. My son's about to start high school, and I'd like to buy him an inexpensive laptop. I see Gateway has some juicy back-to-school deals, but I... More >>

  • Tracks of Your Tears

    published August 17, 2004

    Q. Last month, my friend loaned me this top-notch house CD, which I promptly ripped to my hard drive. Problem now is that when I try to play it... More >>

  • An iPod for Your Eyes

    published August 10, 2004

    Q. What's your take on portable video players? I've got this brutal A-train commute to deal with, and being able to watch last night's... More >>

  • TXTmobs take on the GOP

    published August 3, 2004

    Q. So I'm protesting the Republican convention, and I'm thinking text messaging might be the best way to keep up with my pals in the crowd and... More >>

  • Real American Zero

    published July 27, 2004

    Q. I'm enamored of those "Candidate Zero" ads that NetZero is using to plug its cheapo Internet service. Makes me wonder if I'm a total sucker... More >>

  • Fossil Fool

    published July 20, 2004

    Q. Is it even worth shopping for a PDA anymore? I've been coveting a new Palm for a while, but a friend says they're about to go the way of the... More >>

  • Registry Nurse

    published July 13, 2004

    Q. I've been trying to install City of Heroes on my PC, but the darn thing craps out midway through the process. I keep getting an error... More >>

  • Bushies, Go Home!

    published July 6, 2004

    Q. Like many a lefty, I'm looking forward to sharing a piece of my mind with the GOP when Bush and company come to New York next month. But... More >>

  • iPod Steps to the Mic

    published June 29, 2004

    Q. I'd like for my beloved iPod to double as a voice recorder, but I haven't the foggiest as to which recording accessory is best.... More >>

  • Go For a Drive

    published June 22, 2004

    Q. Many a time you've recommended that we mere mortals invest in an external hard drive, for backup purposes. I'm sold, but what should I look... More >>

  • Screwdriver Solution

    published June 8, 2004

    Q. A few days back, my very expensive laptop stopped working—a few loud, angry clicks, then poof! It's just out of warranty, so I'm... More >>

  • Chip Shot

    published May 25, 2004

    Q: Last week you mentioned a class-action lawsuit aginst Toshiba, over... More >>

  • Hot Girls Here

    published May 18, 2004

    Q: Every laptop I've ever owned has had the same problem—the bottom gets so hot after a few hours of work, my quadriceps get damn near... More >>

  • Big Spam Hunter

    published May 11, 2004

    Q: I've been getting the weirdest spam lately—mortgage pitches that have my home address in the subject line! Does that mean these folks... More >>

  • iPod Junkie

    published April 27, 2004

    Q. Thanks to a birthday gift from my special lady, I've become a total iPod addict—got the earbuds strapped on, like, 10 hours a day. Now... More >>

  • Combo Platter

    published April 13, 2004

    Q. A while back, you wrote about transferring old VHS tapes to DVD. But you failed to mention the simplest solution—a combo DVD recorder... More >>

  • Viral Marketing

    published April 6, 2004

    Q. My PC came with a trial version of McAfee VirusScan. Now that the 90-day freebie period is close to through, I'm wondering whether I should... More >>

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