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2004 Stories by Brendan I. Koerner

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  • Scan Artists

    published March 30, 2004

    Q. I just bought a used iMac running OS X, and I couldn't be happier, save for one little problem—my HP ScanJet 5300c scanner doesn't seem... More >>

  • The Heavyweight Blues

    published March 23, 2004

    Q. My laptop is great and all, but the sucker weighs in at just shy of eight pounds. I need something for traveling that won't rip my... More >>

  • See You, See Me

    published March 16, 2004

    Q. The dreadful webcam that came with my Dell recently gave up the ghost, so I'm in the market for a new one. Cheap is good, of course, but I'd... More >>

  • The Ambition Tax

    published March 9, 2004

    From this side of the Pacific, we've always shuddered at the prospects for young people in a place like Japan. The routine of archetypal... More >>

  • Window Shopping

    published March 9, 2004

    Q. I'm on the verge of buying a new PC, and I'm wondering whether to get one with Windows XP Home or XP Pro. The computer is for personal use,... More >>

  • Words Into Type

    published March 2, 2004

    Q. I've got this professor who talks way too fast for my feeble brain—not to mention my wrist—and my notes are always deficient. What... More >>

  • Part Way

    published February 24, 2004

    Q: What's the upside to having a partitioned hard drive? I've been advised that it could boost performance to split my C: drive into a C: and... More >>

  • IM the Worm

    published February 17, 2004

    Q: I'll fess up—I was one of those boneheads who clicked on that cute Osama bin Laden game, and thus doomed everyone on my AOL Instant... More >>

  • Arena Watch

    published February 10, 2004

    Q: I've lived a stone's throw from the Atlantic Avenue subway stop for 14 years, so I'm obviously way interested in this whole Brooklyn Nets... More >>

  • Blue Notes

    published February 3, 2004

    Q: Could you explain the upside of those pricey tablet PCs? I get how you can write on the screens, but I figure there's got to be something... More >>

  • Centrinomics

    published January 27, 2004

    Q: I'm in the market for a new laptop, and all the salesmen are saying I must, must, must get one with Intel Centrino technology. Sounds great,... More >>

  • Disc Direct

    published January 20, 2004

    Q: I'm shopping around for a camcorder, and I'd like to dig one up that records straight to a DVD—you know, skip that whole intermediary... More >>

  • Plasmatazz

    published January 13, 2004

    Q: I'm sweet on this one Philips plasma TV—50 inches of fun, man. But I wait and I wait, and the price is still on the wrong side of... More >>

  • Con Error

    published January 6, 2004

    Q: Whenever my Internet Explorer goes kaput, I get this pop-up asking whether I want to send an error report to Microsoft. I always click... More >>

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