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  • Ready for Prime Time

    published December 5, 2000

    Up close, the giant ice cube encasing David Blaine had the shiny transparency of Lucite, but it was most definitely dripping. This was no... More >>

  • Icon Remix

    published November 28, 2000

    The video playing on a postcard-sized screen shows a three-minute clip from the 1964 Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston bout. The boxers are gone, erased... More >>

  • The Karen Finley Makeover

    published November 7, 2000

    The worst fame is the kind one's enemies bestow. Ten years ago, Rowland Evans and Robert Novak attacked Karen Finley in their widely syndicated... More >>

  • Fight Club

    published October 24, 2000

    A few days before his Knockout Party on October 14, David Leslie stood near the punching bags at the new Box Opera space at 353 Broadway,... More >>

  • The Avant Late Show

    published October 10, 2000

    Christine Hill's new project straddles a line so fine that skeptical viewers seem about equally divided between those who can't believe it's art... More >>

  • World of Our Mothers

    published September 12, 2000

    There's a murmur in the stairwell, and a purplish light. The video image visible through the French doors is a simple one: giant hands projected... More >>

  • In Square Circle

    published September 5, 2000

    A recent New York Times article proclaimed that performance art is "back," when it really just seems more institutionalized. The once vivid... More >>

  • Get Me Download!

    published August 1, 2000

    PHILADELPHIA—Just blocks from Independence Hall, an Independent Media Center began to boot itself up last week to cover the weeklong... More >>

  • Bringing Down the House

    published July 25, 2000

    Another boho landmark is about to disappear into the insatiable maw of New York University. Though probably best known for its gallery, Judson... More >>

  • The Generation Gap

    published July 11, 2000

    None of them claims to be the voice of a generation, but there they are: three artists roughly 20 years apart. Geoffrey Hendricks, 69 this month... More >>

  • She Works Hard for the Money

    published June 27, 2000

    Out photographing state fairs and small circuses in the summer of 1972, Susan Meiselas found that what she really wanted to document was tucked... More >>

  • Petty to the Max

    published June 13, 2000

    They were found guilty of petty offenses, charges way too minor to warrant a jury trial. And now, as punishment for the equivalent of a parking... More >>

  • The Way We Were

    published May 30, 2000

    The art world thought it won that Mapplethorpe trial. Ten years ago, Dennis Barrie became the first museum director in American history... More >>

  • Ghost Muster

    published May 16, 2000

    Ann Carlson decided to make the past visible, and that's a simple matter of choreographing the ghosts. In her ambitious new Night Light... More >>

  • Stripped Down

    published May 2, 2000

    Zhang Huan has always wanted to do large-scale pieces, but in China he had trouble getting people to take their clothes off. Nudity is essential... More >>

  • Bunny Hop

    published April 18, 2000

    It's one of the sillier ordeals in recent art history. Lying down, Nayland Blake dons the ritual bunny suit, a costume so heavy that he needs... More >>

  • The Atrocity Exhibition

    published March 21, 2000

    Without Sanctuary brings an art photography format to a collection of lynching pictures that are sickening to behold. It's hard to imagine... More >>

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