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2003 Stories by C. Carr

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  • On the Cusp

    published August 5, 2003

    Arthur Nersesian began to establish himself as a chronicler of New York's increasingly elusive demimonde with The Fuck-Up, his first novel.... More >>

  • SCUM Goddess

    published July 22, 2003

    At one time, Valerie Solanas seemed the feminist ghost least likely to rise from the grave. The one and only member of the Society for Cutting Up... More >>

  • World of Interiors

    published June 24, 2003

    Some sculpture gathers no dust. Do-Ho Suh might put things on a pedestal—even as he questions the whole notion of a pedestal—but he's... More >>

  • Too Fast, Too Furious

    published June 24, 2003

    It set off a shock wave, this forgiveness. Near the beginning of My Terrorist, filmmaker Yulie Cohen Gerstel appears on Israeli television... More >>

  • A World of Their Own

    published June 17, 2003

    For 25 years, the trio of artists known as General Idea labored in a phantom parallel universe, one they made by creating its residue: relics,... More >>

  • Horror Show

    published June 10, 2003

    It was the night the Mets scored eight runs against the Braves in a single inning. Six of them actually crossed the plate after two men were out.... More >>

  • Afrofuturistic

    published May 13, 2003

    We're five minutes into the future, or maybe a lifetime. The calendar seems indeterminate here. Poet Tracie Morris and choreographer David Thomson... More >>

  • Abortion Rites

    published March 25, 2003

    The theater directory in The New York Times will tell you that the name of the newest Suzan-Lori Parks drama, More >>

  • Every Exit Is an Entrance

    published March 11, 2003

    We're in the 'hood once known as Hell's Kitchen (now Clinton, or is it North Chelsea), standing in what was once, perhaps, a dark Satanic... More >>

  • More Than Meets the Eye

    published March 4, 2003

    Five years ago, Carrie Mae Weems created an abbreviated world history of struggle in an installation called “Ritual and Revolution.”... More >>

  • The Odyssey

    published February 11, 2003

    The travails and uncertainty, the Iliad and Odyssey, are over at last for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. They lost everything on September... More >>

  • I, JP

    published February 4, 2003

    The look-alikes were lounging behind the orchestra pit in El Museo del Barrio's Teatro Heckscher, waiting for the contest that would select one of... More >>

  • Dow v. Thing

    published January 21, 2003

    When it started, the Internet was our playground, Wild West, and virtual bohemia. So we thought. Turns out it just took a while for the cybercops... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997