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  • Afghanistan's Sentimental King

    published November 13, 2001

    Mohammad Zahir Shah, 86, has spent nearly the past three decades in exile in Italy. The deposed Afghan king could provide a sort of figurehead for... More >>

  • Gotta Go

    published November 13, 2001

    It was an unusual alliance from the beginning, and it appears not to have lasted long. Laili Helms, the niece by marriage of former CIA director... More >>

  • U.S. Looks for Someone to Trust

    published October 30, 2001

    Abdul Haq, the opposition leader killed Friday by the Taliban, may have been attempting to foment a coup d'état against the extremist... More >>

  • Afghan Plan Unravels

    published October 16, 2001

    Ravam Farhadi, the Northern Alliance ambassador at the United Nations, said today that deciding who should take over in Afghanistan "is not the... More >>

  • Unveiled Threats

    published March 27, 2001

    At the close of 2000, some 81 journalists sat in jails around the world, confined for the crime of pursuing the truth. Killings of reporters have... More >>

Archives: 2001