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  • Japandroids+Little Girls+Dinowalrus

    published July 1, 2009

    There was a time in your life where all you wanted to do was smoke pot in your parents' garage, drink stolen wine, and lament the fact that you... More >>

  • Das Racist

    published June 24, 2009

    More blipster than Kayne, Queens irono-rappers Das Racist are like a self-aware buddy comedy. But instead of hanging out at White Castle, they're... More >>

  • 'Show No Mercy'

    published June 24, 2009

    Curated by Pitchfork metal columnist Brandon Stosuy, this showcase of American thrash bands is not to be upstaged by the recently reunited... More >>

  • The Feelies

    published June 17, 2009

    In his introduction to Garden State, New York novelist Rick Moody admitted to taking inspiration from the Feelies' The Good Earth to... More >>

  • Acrylics

    published June 17, 2009

    Brooklyn boy/girl duo Acyrlics are the next to surface from New York's Chairlift/MGMT/Amazing Baby indie backwaters—and they sound like... More >>

  • Loudon Wainwright III

    published June 10, 2009

    The de facto "awkward dad" since birthing Rufus and Martha, New York folk singer Loudon Wainwright III was scouted by Judd Apatow to play a father... More >>

  • Diana Krall

    published June 10, 2009

    Peel me a grape, indeed. Now married and spawning with Elvis Costello, jazz chanteuse Diana Krall is at the top of her game. Though The Best Of... More >>

  • 'Panache Showcase with Golden Triangle'

    published June 3, 2009

    Brooklyn by way of Memphis, Golden Triangle play west BK's Northside Festival (in debt to the Greenpoint car service, maybe?) this weekend,... More >>

  • Jonathan Richman+Vic Chesnutt

    published June 3, 2009

    It's been a year since Richman, New York's favorite nursery-rhyme punk, dropped the sorely underrated Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild.... More >>

  • Earl Greyhound+Simi+SwEEtie

    published May 27, 2009

    Brooklyn trio Earl Greyhound welcome Led Zeppelin comparisons with Matt Whyte's Plant falsetto and righteous power chords, though female bassist... More >>

  • Estelle+LL Cool J

    published May 20, 2009

    This Sidekick-funded contest to see Grammy winners LL Cool J and Estelle may only be available for those in your top five, but the sheer... More >>

  • Cake

    published May 20, 2009

    For anyone who spent the early 2000s dancing to "Short Skirt/Long Jacket," this moderately anticipated Cake gig, in promotion of the recent... More >>

  • Holy Fuck+A Place to Bury Strangers+Crocodiles

    published May 13, 2009

    Their expletive-ridden name was a justification for Canadian arts funding cuts (yep, it really happened), but Toronto electronica outfit Holy Fuck... More >>

  • Peaches

    published May 6, 2009

    With her explicit lyricism and hootchie girl steez, Canadian electro MC Peaches is like Lil Kim as revised by Judith Butler— fully aware of... More >>

  • Southern Culture on the Skids

    published May 6, 2009

    Has any other city produced such awestruck Americana as Chapel Hill? North Carolina's Southern Culture On The Skids, known for their parody songs... More >>

  • Vivian Girls+Times New Viking+Stupid Party

    published April 29, 2009

    Like the Henry Darger paintings they took their name from, Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls are a group of mysterious, twee darlings who kick out the... More >>

  • The Dears

    published April 22, 2009

    Montreal’s the Dears have always been a curiosity. While frontman Murray Lightburn ignored pesky “Black Morrissey” comparisons, the... More >>

  • Ponytail+Think About Life

    published April 15, 2009

    Joining Baltimore weirdoes Dan Deacon, Spank Rock, and (ahem) John Waters, four-piece Ponytail combine Deerhoof’s ambient girl-babbling with... More >>

  • Lily Allen

    published April 8, 2009

    Is seeing Lily Allen on 4/20 the most appropriate way to commemorate the holiday? Surely she thinks so. The British blabbermouth, known for... More >>

  • Seal

    published April 8, 2009

    Rumour has it that UK soul singer Seal snagged supermodel/"Project Runway" host Heidi Klum once she checked him out in skintight bicycle shorts.... More >>

  • Young Love

    published April 8, 2009

    New York's Young Love aim to pick up where Bloc Party left off with bass-drenched synth rock that make 15-year-olds think they have good taste.... More >>

  • Jennifer Hudson+Robin Thicke

    published April 1, 2009

    Suck it, Fantasia Barrino. Though Chicago soul singer Jennifer Hudson only made it to the finals of "American Idol" in 2004, she won an Oscar at... More >>

  • Brian Jonestown Massacre

    published March 25, 2009

    Should today's Brian Jonestown Massacre show actually occur, expect frontman Anton Newcombe to court as much drama as Lauren Conrad. After all,... More >>

  • Elvis Perkins in Dearland

    published March 18, 2009

    A singer-songwriter long before his jazz-infused combo of late, Elvis Perkins has experienced immeasurable tragedy in his young life. His father,... More >>


    published March 18, 2009

    Toronto noise experimentalists DD/MM/YYYY might be the only band in the angular-haircut circuit these days to blend their art rock with math. But... More >>

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