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2005 Stories by Charles McNulty

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  • The Art of Dying

    published October 11, 2005

    LOS ANGELES—Isabelle Huppert descends into the lobby of the W Hotel in Westwood with a subtlety that seems the very definition of... More >>

  • Theater

    published October 4, 2005

    The main attraction of Deborah Grimberg's new Cycling Past the Matterhorn is Shirley Knight, whose still-radiant presence elevates even... More >>

  • Boys Don't Dance

    published August 30, 2005

    LONDON—It's not exactly a news flash that Billy Elliot—the Musical has Broadway blockbuster written all over it. Staged... More >>

  • Imperfect Ibsenites

    published August 23, 2005

    Next year marks the centennial of Henrik Ibsen's death, and amid an explosion of revivals of his work worldwide, big plans are under way in Norway... More >>

  • Fall Theater Preview

    published August 23, 2005

    THE INTELLIGENT DESIGN OF JENNY CHOW August 31 through October 16 Atlantic Theater Company, 336 West 20th Street,... More >>

  • A Lesbian Reworking of Sophocles Turns a Classic Into a Complex

    published August 2, 2005

    In Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, the protagonist, an expert problem solver, tries to uncover the source of his city's plague and ends up... More >>

  • Fathers and Sons

    published July 19, 2005

    Today's Ireland—affluent, high-tech, European-minded—would have been virtually unthinkable back in the mid 1960s, when Brian Friel wrote... More >>

  • Homeward Bounding

    published July 5, 2005

    Ariane Mnouchkine seems happy to be back in New York, after a long absence that had people speculating whether her indignation over American... More >>

  • The Plagiarist

    published June 21, 2005

    Imagine throwing a party and inviting only the most smug, pretentious, and ruthlessly ambitious college kids. You know, the kind of Ivy Leaguers... More >>

  • Vengeance Is Hers

    published June 7, 2005

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hecuba, the legendary Trojan queen who lost everything when her city was leveled by the Greeks, was spotted here... More >>

  • Theater

    published April 19, 2005

    Maybe it's a result of spilling all those secrets to Alex Witchel in the Sunday Times magazine, but Barbara Cook has never seemed so... More >>

  • Misuses of Enchantment

    published April 12, 2005

    It's all mathematical to me. I don't really have a sense of other people's horror, because I'm just there trying to get it right: that joke to... More >>

  • Louisville Sluggers

    published April 5, 2005

    Louisville, Kentucky—"Too bad that all the people who really know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair,"... More >>

  • Talking Trash

    published February 22, 2005

    Acting in Beckett is inevitably more physical than metaphysical. Famously dictatorial about the way his plays were staged, he cared little for the... More >>

  • Theater

    published February 22, 2005

    'Hot 'N' Throbbing' In previews March 8, opens March 28 Peter Norton Space, Signature Theatre, 555 W 42nd,... More >>

  • Arthur Miller

    published February 8, 2005

    Arthur Miller died on Thursday at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut at the age of 89. The author of Death of a Salesman, The... More >>

  • Theater

    published February 1, 2005

    Watching Mike Albo perform is like catching up on six months of magazine reading: You suddenly feel as though you're up-to-date on fashion and... More >>

  • Female Trouble

    published January 25, 2005

    Set in a Hollywood Hills bachelor pad in the coked-out '80s, David Rabe's Hurlyburly is actually two plays awkwardly joined together. The... More >>

  • Romper Room

    published January 4, 2005

    Theater stereotypes die hard. Consider the cliché of Off-Off-Broadway in its early days: sweaty actors, skimpily attired, babbling... More >>

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