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2001 Stories by Charles McNulty

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  • Harlem Tuner Thwarts Mob

    published December 25, 2001

    Rocket science must look pretty easy next to the error-prone chemistry of musical theater. The simple joys of the art form have become harder to... More >>

  • Pall in the Family

    published November 20, 2001

    Richard Greenberg and Rebecca Gilman are two playwrights rarely invoked in the same breath. He writes bitterly sophisticated comedies, she... More >>

  • Greeks and Geeks

    published November 6, 2001

    As a motivation in drama, revenge lacks subtlety. Cunning it may be, and passionate, of course. But nothing that demands unswerving commitment can... More >>

  • Southern Discomfort

    published October 30, 2001

    Some literary classics just aren't meant to be musicals. What book writer, for example, could do justice to the ambiguity and indirection of Henry... More >>

  • Hate Your Chromosomes

    published October 16, 2001

    August Strindberg's Dance of Death can hardly be considered your typical Broadway crowd-pleaser. Yet this nihilistic battle of the sexes... More >>

  • Many Aussies, No Croc Guy

    published October 9, 2001

    Old-fashioned storytelling may be staging a comeback. Though spin-meisters have been recently proclaiming "the death of irony," it's postmodernism... More >>

  • Tour De Farce

    published October 2, 2001

    In her quest for a new dramatic style, playwright Keli Garrett discovers a novel way of being old-fashioned. Her play Uppa Creek,... More >>

  • The Naked and the Dad

    published September 25, 2001

    For Sam Shepard, the past isn't another country, but an alternative reality where the rules of logic cease to apply. Since moving from his radical... More >>

  • The Dilemmas of a Horn

    published September 18, 2001

    When confronted by real-life tragedy, art can seem embarrassingly impotent, even downright frivolous. In times of emergency, blood, money, and... More >>

  • I am Not a Camera

    published August 28, 2001

    With ticket lines of overnight urban campers and press coverage worthy of a White House sex scandal, the Public Theater's all-star production of... More >>

  • Night of the Living Dread

    published July 24, 2001

    A British critic once described the experience of an early Pinter play as a Hitchcock film with the final reel missing. Familiarity has bred less... More >>

  • Send in the Frowns

    published June 26, 2001

    Protagonists in drama don't need to be likable. Personally, I'll pass on dinner with the Macbeths, Hedda Gabler, and King Lear (never mind Didi... More >>

  • Machine Dreams

    published June 19, 2001

    No one can accuse JoAnne Akalaitis of being afraid of the dark. As a director, she's plunged into the abyss of the Greeks, Beckett, and Kroetz... More >>

  • A Hard Dane’s Night

    published May 22, 2001

    Our love of Hamlet is being severely tested these days. Two celebrated international productions have been booked back-to-back into BAM,... More >>

  • The Stone Age in His Pockets

    published May 1, 2001

    The most eloquent moments in Richard Maxwell's new play, Caveman, occur in the intervals between dialogue. A woman slowly unwraps a... More >>

  • Family Plots

    published April 10, 2001

    The bark of John Henry Redwood’s title, No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs, is worse than his play’s bite. A melodrama to its core,... More >>

  • Theater

    published March 20, 2001

    In the commute from one age to another, humor sometimes misses its connection. Take the report of Kafka's Prague coterie bursting into hysterics... More >>

  • Shame and Shamanism

    published March 13, 2001

    Muriel Spark has always been the best arbiter of her own work. Each successive novel, no matter how hermetic the situation or setting, discreetly... More >>

  • All the World’s a Stage Door

    published February 6, 2001

    Theater has long flaunted its cultural superiority over film, like a grand dowager in a room full of trophy wives. Yet the assumptions... More >>

  • West End, Ho!

    published January 9, 2001

    LONDON—Harold Pinter's The Proust Screenplay may be the greatest film never made. Spanning the entire seven volumes of Marcel... More >>

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