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  • Immigrant Roundup

    published December 24, 2002

    In a little-noticed showdown in Brooklyn Federal Court last Thursday, the Justice Department laid out a vigorous defense of its treatment of... More >>

  • The NYPD Wants to Watch You

    published December 17, 2002

    The enemy could be anywhere. So the authorities say they must look everywhere. Since the September 11 terrorist attacks a vast network of... More >>

  • View From the DMZ

    published November 19, 2002

    DMZ, SOUTH KOREA—"Feel the sorrow of a divided country!" bids a glossy tourism brochure. "The DMZ is the most fortified border on... More >>

  • Cop Watchers Beware

    published November 5, 2002

    Even as the cop approached him, Dennis Flores kept shooting. He took photo after photo with his digital camera, documenting the plainclothes... More >>

  • How Does His Dole Grow?

    published October 22, 2002

    One chilly morning last week the waiting room at 210 Livingston Street was hot with impatience. Things at the welfare center behind Fulton Mall... More >>

  • Sticking Up for the 'Dirty Bomber'

    published October 8, 2002

    Donna Newman is the sort of person America's folksy President might like. She's been happily married for 34 years, raised two children, and built... More >>

  • Proceed With Caution

    published September 24, 2002

    Seized last September 12 on an Amtrak train in Texas and then investigated for terrorist ties, Mohammed Azmath hardly measured up to the hype when... More >>

  • Kinds of Koreans

    published September 24, 2002

    Two separate legal developments last week, taken together, give a glimpse into the diversity within this city's Korean immigrant community, which... More >>

  • A Smaller Stick

    published September 17, 2002

    The devastating grief of thousands last week drove home the point: any terrorists hiding in America must be caught. In recent days, federal agents... More >>

  • Open-and-Shut Cases

    published September 3, 2002

    The Justice Department's logic for holding hundreds of terrorism-related captives in secret got very fuzzy last week, when it publicly announced... More >>

  • Spooky Goofs

    published August 27, 2002

    Last fall, after inventorying the rooms guests had fled on September 11 in a hotel directly across from the World Trade Center, a security guard... More >>

  • The Name Game

    published August 13, 2002

    Americans maddened by the covert maneuverings and because-we-said-so bravado of John Ashcroft's Justice Department are reveling in the bracing... More >>

  • Rounding Up the 'Enemy'

    published July 30, 2002

    There are few people still living who can claim Kazu Iijima and Minn Matsuda's perspective on post-September 11 America. Friends for over six... More >>

  • Sweep of Faith

    published July 23, 2002

    Muhammad Qayyum, portly and gray-haired, bumbled into a Brooklyn pizza-and-curry joint for an interview last Tuesday, peering through thick... More >>

  • Slick Rick's Alien Rap

    published July 23, 2002

    As Congress questions the federal immigration agency's judgment in these post-September 11 days, so do the family and famous friends of a... More >>

  • Crazy Like Aquino

    published July 2, 2002

    A veteran observer of city government recently said all whistle-blowers are crazy. He didn't mean it in a bad way. It's just that it takes a... More >>

  • Black Hole in Brooklyn

    published June 25, 2002

    On a bleak block in Sunset Park, under the BQE, looms the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), the high-security federal prison to which untold... More >>

  • A Killing Without Guns

    published June 18, 2002

    On a day filled with national headlines revealing his campaign to dispatch shotgun-toting civilians into residential areas of Brooklyn, Rabbi... More >>

  • Against Rosa's Odds

    published June 11, 2002

    Wide awake on three hours of sleep, Rosa sends her teen-agers off to school, boards a bus headed south, and watches Brooklyn streak away. She... More >>

  • NY Immigrants Underground

    published May 21, 2002

    Raj, 27 and from India, was smoking a cigarette outside the school where he took computer classes last fall when a white man walked up and... More >>

  • Widening the Net

    published May 14, 2002

    It's not often that a big idea goes into government and comes out bigger. But following a May 6 City Council hearing, an innovative proposal to... More >>

  • Bias Murder Revisited

    published May 7, 2002

    In the glaring sun of last Saturday afternoon, the family of murder victim Manuel Mayi and supporters marched the same long street they have... More >>

  • Unholy Matrimony

    published April 30, 2002

    Silver his tongue is not, but George W. Bush can sweet-talk when he wants to. "Across America, no doubt about it, single mothers do heroic work.... More >>

  • The Heart of the Work

    published April 16, 2002

    It was billed as the kind of routine function where constituents complain and politicians nod. But by the end of the three-hour town hall, hardly... More >>

  • Breaking Their Silence

    published April 2, 2002

    A growing movement among New York's nannies and housekeepers to win basic labor rights, such as a minimum wage and paid sick days, recently... More >>

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