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  • Shooting Star

    published October 30, 2007

    Remy Ma—the new Remy, the one who's ditched the two-tone hairdo that was her trademark so that she presents a more intelligent,... More >>

  • Xenu Goes Uptown

    published September 4, 2007

    Recently, the Church of Scientology announced that it was purchasing three buildings on East 125th Street for an estimated $10 million. Since... More >>

  • A Murder Invisible

    published August 14, 2007

    A week after Michael Cordero allegedly strangled his estranged girlfriend, Boitumela "Tumi" McCallum, in her mother's NYU faculty apartment, an... More >>

  • Hot Ghetto BET

    published August 14, 2007

    "Welcome back to Hot Ghetto Mess," says Charlie Murphy, as the comic and brother of Eddie launches another segment of what may be the... More >>

  • Seoul Train

    published July 10, 2007

    The engineer behind Asia's biggest pop star ever has his eyes set on a new frontier. Six months ago, Jin Young Park and his company, JYP... More >>

  • 'Ayo, shorty!'

    published June 12, 2007

    Even a poster declaring "Street Harassment is a Crime!" in bold letters didn't deter a group of guys standing on a Brooklyn corner from ogling... More >>

  • New Jack Comeback

    published May 22, 2007

    In 1987, the Voice published a cover story about New York's drug trade titled "Kids Killing Kids: New Jack City Eats Its Young," [ More >>

  • Back to Africa

    published May 1, 2007

    The Kalahari, a luxury "green" condo currently under construction on Harlem's 116th street, is trying to fit in with the locals instead of... More >>

  • Sharing in the Gory

    published April 24, 2007

    Back in February, Kenneth Eng made news for writing a column titled "Why I Hate Blacks" in the Bay Area–based newspaper AsianWeek.... More >>

  • Girls to Men

    published April 3, 2007

    At the Lab, a Brooklyn nightclub and rental hall, a petite Hispanic bartender sporting braids down the middle of her back and a baseball cap is... More >>

Archives: 2008 | 2007