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  • Three Stars

    published September 19, 2012

    When you're trying to figure out what to eat, it's completely natural to tap your upper lip, gaze off into space, and say, "I wonder what a... More >>

  • Doctored

    published September 19, 2012

    In the kind of ancient newsreel footage the Coen brothers parodied for sequences in The Hudsucker Proxy, AMA executive director Morris... More >>

  • Tears of Gaza

    published September 19, 2012

    The sterile way to describe the Gaza war that began in December 2008 is that it was an Israeli response to Palestinian rockets fired across the... More >>

  • Living Large and Then Feeling Bad About It with Bachelorette

    published September 5, 2012

    Weddings make such bitchin' film scenarios because the stakes are believably high: If anything goes wrong, social opprobrium, the loss of your... More >>

  • Beauty Is Embarrassing

    published September 5, 2012

    Pee-wee’s Playhouse, a Saturday-morning staple for Gen Xer’s who were, at the time, way older than the time slot’s... More >>

  • Raaz 3

    published September 5, 2012

    To Western audiences, the most interesting part of director Vikram Bhatt's Raaz 3 will be the Bollywood-narrative... More >>

  • Reach Out and Touch

    published August 29, 2012

    Remember way back when Bridesmaids was released, and Manohla Dargis referred to it as "unexpectedly funny"? It's amazing what still... More >>

  • The Day

    published August 29, 2012

    You don't always need to know the specific circumstances that precede the events of a postapocalyptic film, but the unexplained, history-ending... More >>

  • The Tall Man

    published August 29, 2012

    Maybe the biggest implausibility of director Pascal Laugier's The Tall Man is the idea that dozens of missing Caucasian children in a... More >>

  • The Revenant

    published August 22, 2012

    It's an axiom of commercial film that the more racist the bad guys are, the more awesome their deaths. But the unexpectedly reactionary The... More >>

  • Knight Knight

    published August 22, 2012

    When you're young and stupid, it's kind of fun to pump your shotgun and take dead aim at barrel-dwelling fish or the sides of barns, because... More >>

  • Chicken With Plums

    published August 15, 2012

    Narrated by Death himself, embodied by the archangel Azraël, Chicken With Plums is the second adaptation of comic book artist... More >>

  • Meet the Fokkens

    published August 8, 2012

    Louise and Martine Fokkens, 70-year-old identical twins from Amsterdam, began working as prostitutes in their twenties, when they were forced... More >>

  • You've Been Trumped: The Ugly American

    published August 1, 2012

    You've Been Trumped, directed by Anthony Baxter, is a document of a humble American businessman who, through some perspicacity and Abe... More >>

  • Total Recall

    published August 1, 2012

    Total Recall, directed by Len Wiseman, aspires to be less stupid than its 1990 predecessor and kind of succeeds for the first third of the... More >>

  • Nuit #1

    published July 25, 2012

    First-time feature director Anne Émond’s Nuit #1 lingers on the combination of hunger and awkwardness that attends the best... More >>

  • The Watch

    published July 25, 2012

    Seth Rogen once suggested that the idea of making Ghostbusters 3 sounded like a “terrible idea,” which pretty much establishes... More >>

  • Collaborator

    published July 4, 2012

    A working actor with credits across three decades of television and film—including the shitty, doomed DEA boyfriend of Mary-Louise Parker... More >>

  • Chris Packham

    The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing Fantasy

    published June 27, 2012

    The Amazing Spider-Man, an inexcusably good reboot-thing from director Marc Webb, celebrates the heartwarming arachno-genetic bar... More >>

  • Impossible Fantasies: To Rome With Love

    published June 20, 2012

    In Woody Allen's new film, To Rome With Love, people—like, really young people—still talk, improbably, about "neuroses."... More >>

  • Nate & Margaret

    published June 20, 2012

    Nate & Margaret, directed by Nathan Adloff, is a best-friends-forever collage of gentle comic scenes between reasonably well-conceived... More >>

  • Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present: Ready for Her Close-Up

    published June 13, 2012

    For three months in 2010, Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramovic sat in a chair in a gallery at the Museum of Modern Art and directed... More >>

  • Paul Williams Still Alive

    published June 6, 2012

    Paul Williams, the Still Alive subject of director Stephen Kessler's documentary, was a man of his leisure-besuited age: an... More >>

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