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  • Holding Pattern

    published December 11, 2007

    Along Central Avenue, in one of the more pleasant stretches of Jersey City, a small convenience store lies a block from the neighborhood cop shop.... More >>

  • Chasing Rummy

    published November 27, 2007

    Michael Ratner had it tough last week. In addition to his regular duties—law professor at Columbia and Yale, defending Guantánamo... More >>

  • Secret Agent Schmuck

    published October 16, 2007

    It was a morning a little more than a year ago: A dapper, gray-haired gentleman was discussing his recently published novel with the two hosts of... More >>

  • No More Scars

    published September 18, 2007

    Last month, the Voice described swanky Upper East Side plastic surgeon Brad Jacobs's fight to save his career ( More >>

  • Plastic Surgeon to the Scars

    published August 21, 2007

    Brad Jacobs calls himself "one of the most famous plastic surgeons in history." At his clinic on the Upper East Side, he's performed ... More >>

  • NIMBY Love

    published August 14, 2007

    It's getting damn close to the end times for opponents of the Atlantic Yards project, the massive basketball, housing, and retail complex slated... More >>

  • The Killing of a Journalist

    published July 31, 2007

    Last week, a man in a ski mask confronted Oakland, California, journalist Chauncey Bailey as he was walking to the downtown offices of the... More >>

  • Busting the Merchant of War

    published July 17, 2007

    On February 6, two representatives from the infamous Colombian left-wing paramilitary and drug-trafficking group FARC arrived at a palatial... More >>

  • Two Wheel Double-Cross

    published June 5, 2007

    When police decided to confiscate bicycles locked to poles on a block of East 6th Street two weeks ago, the scene played out according to formula.... More >>

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