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  • Jenny Lewis, Now With More Elvis Costello

    published September 23, 2008

    At this point, it's pretty hard to make music about the tension between sin and redemption without sounding hokey. That whole church thing had... More >>

  • Manhattan: Not Over Yet

    published July 16, 2008

    Around this time last year, we all panicked over the state of the NYC music-venue scene: Tonic is over! CBGB is over! Live Nation is taking... More >>

  • The Morning 40 Federation's 40 Ounces, Nine Lives

    published July 2, 2008

    "How does the record sound?" Ryan Scully asks over the phone. But the hoarse musician can barely hear my response above the din at BJ's, the... More >>

  • Nick Cave: Still Venting

    published April 8, 2008

    Nick Cave looks a little embarrassed. He's onstage at the Plug Independent Music Awards, held early last month at Terminal 5, holding an... More >>

  • She & Him's Volume One

    published March 25, 2008

    Uggghhh. That's the natural verbal reaction upon news of another movie star indulging in a pop-music project, a reflex instilled in us... More >>

Archives: 2010 | 2009 | 2008