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  • Sonny Carson Dies

    published December 31, 2002

    Brooklyn community leader and activist Abubadika Sonny Carson, who died December 20 at Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Manhattan, rose from the... More >>

  • Speculation Gone Wilding

    published December 10, 2002

    Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's controversial recommendation last week to vacate the convictions of the Central Park Five has... More >>

  • Purple-Shirt Politics

    published December 3, 2002

    In a climate where organized labor is seen to have lost its luster, SEIU Local 32b-J hails the successful passage of its first piece of major... More >>

  • Civilized People

    published November 12, 2002

    In the wake of the Portland Six arrests and the capture of alleged sniper John Allen Muhammad, negative ruminations on African Americans who have... More >>

  • Marked as the Enemy

    published November 5, 2002

    Kevin Richardson is guarded but hopeful as he sits down with a reporter from The Village Voice. He is among the young men dubbed the... More >>

  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent

    published September 10, 2002

    In what is shaping up as potentially one of the most serious miscarriages of justice in New York history, lawyers are pushing to overturn the... More >>

  • The Swami of Hip Hop

    published September 3, 2002

    A little over a year after forming the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) and fresh from relaunching the Rap the Vote voter mobilization,... More >>

  • Just Say Maybe?

    published August 13, 2002

    Despite quite a few sound bites and photo ops purporting to be movement on the reform of New York's infamous Rockefeller drug laws, nothing has... More >>

  • Youth Jail Funding Detained

    published July 23, 2002

    Youth activists had cause for celebration last month when $53 million of a proposed $65 million allocated for the expansion of juvenile... More >>

  • Hip-Hop Hollas at City Hall

    published June 11, 2002

    Last Tuesday, as part of what organizers are calling the start of the Hip-Hop Power Movement, tens of thousands of young people converged on City... More >>

  • Seize the Seat

    published April 2, 2002

    Thirty-two-year-old Ras Baraka's run for city councilman at large in Newark is a rhythmic blend of a mission that mirrors the title of Bobby... More >>

  • Incarcerate or Educate?

    published February 26, 2002

    On Valentine's Day, while lovers scurried for flower bouquets and boxes of confections, a group of about 50 youth activists lined the steps of... More >>

  • The Crown Heights Quiets

    published January 15, 2002

    From City Hall to the housing project hallways, in the days since the announcements of the reversals of the federal convictions of Lemrick Nelson... More >>

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