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  • Selling Kurdistan

    published December 13, 2005

    Erbil, Iraq—For days leading up to the December 15 federal elections, this northern city hosts what is probably the world's... More >>

  • Powerless

    published September 27, 2005

    This is the second of two parts BASRA, IRAQ—For hours before he was shot to death in a Basra warehouse on August 2, New York City... More >>

  • Good Cop, Bad Cop

    published September 20, 2005

    BASRA, IRAQ—It's hard to fault Steve Vincent for having felt confident. For this New York City art critic–turned–freelance... More >>

  • Robbing the Poor

    published August 30, 2005

    BASRA, Iraq—On a hot day in June, sailors in the blue uniforms of the Iraqi Navy work on a boat tied to the pier at Umm Qasr naval... More >>

  • Temperatures Rise

    published August 16, 2005

    SAMAWAH, IRAQ—Even on an early-June day, it's 130 degrees and rising in this Shiite town in the southern province of Al Muthanna. In a... More >>

  • The Brit Way

    published July 12, 2005

    NORTHERN ENGLAND AND SOUTHERN IRAQ—A crowd of angry Iraqis gathered. Opposite it, behind shields, wielding batons, waited British... More >>

  • The Razor's Edge

    published June 28, 2005

    MAYSAN PROVINCE, IRAQ—On May 31, a patrol of armored Land Rovers from the British Army's King's Royal Hussars regiment moves through... More >>

  • The Road to Mosul

    published April 26, 2005

    Qayyarah, Iraq—One night this spring, a Stryker armored vehicle carrying an American unit on patrol sits in the desert on the... More >>

  • Kurdistan Rising

    published April 5, 2005

    SULAYMANIYAH, IRAQ—K.G. was just a kid when Saddam Hussein's army swept into his village near this city in northern Iraq. It was... More >>

  • Sending In the Reserves

    published March 8, 2005

    BAQUBAH, IRAQ—It's not hard to imagine what the soldiers of the 272nd Chemical Company, a unit of the New York National Guard's 42nd... More >>

  • The Dread Zone

    published February 15, 2005

    DIYALA PROVINCE, IRAQ—Flying east over Iraq from Saddam Hussein's birthplace, Tikrit, toward the Jabal Hamrin, a mountain range that... More >>

Archives: 2006 | 2005