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  • Striking Twelve

    published December 21, 2011

    The amazing, three-person GrooveLily (electric violinist Valerie Vigoda, keyboardist Brendan Milburn, drummer Gene Lewin) return from a three-year... More >>

  • Paulo Szot

    published December 21, 2011

    Breaking hearts gently for a couple years in the Lincoln Center South Pacific revival, Szot sang “This Nearly Was Mine” and... More >>

  • 'Midtown Jazz: Yuletide Celebration'

    published December 14, 2011

    Talk about holiday gifts! Here’s one laden with talented musicians: Daryl Sherman, Jann Parker, Joyce Breach, Alex Leonard, Ronny Whyte,... More >>

  • John Bucchino

    published December 7, 2011

    Bucchino is a germ in today's cabaret landscape, a songwriter knocking loudly on fame’s door and playing the piano as if it were his... More >>

  • Tyrell

    published December 7, 2011

    New York sophisticates won’t soon forget that this slot belonged to Bobby Short for 36 years, but for December, the amiable performer is... More >>

  • Mark Nadler

    published November 16, 2011

    When they handed out talent, this guy must have lingered at the door. This month, the actor/singer/pianist/comedian/cabaret wunderkind celebrates... More >>

  • 'Cheyenne Jackson's Cocktail Hour'

    published November 9, 2011

    Tonight, the recent groom sings songs from the Mad Men era of Manhattan’s past, a time when expressing any sort of same-sex... More >>

  • Bebe Neuwirth

    published November 2, 2011

    If you think this is the awarded performer’s first foray into cabaret, you have another think coming. Yes, she’s played the room... More >>

  • John Pizzarelli & Jessica Molaskey

    published October 26, 2011

    Pizzarelli plays the guitar like a marathon runner heading for the finish line and sings as if he has just come from a lazy afternoon’s... More >>

  • 'A Tribute to Judy Garland and the Art of American Dance'

    published October 19, 2011

    Despite the contributions the late, great Garland made to Terpsichore, tonight’s celebration may be more of a sit-down affair, featuring... More >>

  • Craig Pomranz

    published September 28, 2011

    One of those crooners that makes you just want to hold hands with your significant other, Pomranz calls this romance-prone outing “Love and... More >>

  • Uptown Express

    published September 28, 2011

    Slick as a icy road, warm as an Indian-summer day, this vocal group’s harmonizing members now include John DePalma, Christopher Caswell,... More >>

  • 'The 22nd Annual New York Cabaret Convention'

    published September 28, 2011

    Donald Smith’s yearly three-night celebration of all things cabaret helps to remind the world (or maybe just the immediate neighborhood) that... More >>

  • Barb Jungr

    published September 28, 2011

    Tonight, this superb singer returns to do what she does best: taking a revered songwriter’s catalog and mining it for gold that has somehow... More >>

  • Jamie deRoy & Friends

    published September 14, 2011

    Who says they don’t write 'em like they used to? To prove they do, this inveterate hostess gathers some of the best young and young-at-heart... More >>

  • Barbara Carroll

    published September 14, 2011

    Who’s the classiest music woman in town? This boite veteran, now returning for a fall stay at a room smart enough to keep her doing these... More >>

  • Chris Lemmon

    published September 7, 2011

    He looks like his famous father, Jack, and shares many of the two-time Oscar-winner’s talents, piano-playing dexterity included. So what was... More >>

  • Karen Akers

    published September 7, 2011

    It seems that everybody worth their cabaret sugar and spice has to get around to a Stephen Sondheim retrospective. Now it’s her turn. Among... More >>

  • Karen Finley

    published August 17, 2011

    No longer smearing chocolate on her body, Karen Finley is still interested in smearing issues (metaphorically speaking) in her trademark... More >>

  • Michael Feinstein and Linda Eder

    published August 17, 2011

    In his continuing devotion to pairing himself with other top-flight supper-club and general showbiz names, Michael Feinstein has now got Linda... More >>

  • 'MetroStar Talent Challenge'

    published August 10, 2011

    Okay, boite fans, here it is. Yes, the finale of the seven-week talent truffle-sniffing has arrived. For this last frame, Roy Sander, Sherry Eaker... More >>

  • Emily Bergl

    published August 10, 2011

    Cute as a button and ornery as a mad housewife, she actually plays a discontented spouse on Southland. (She’s the one trying to manage... More >>

  • 'MetroStar Talent Challenge'

    published June 29, 2011

    Be the first on your block to predict who'll come out No. 1 in this hot competish. It's the fourth time the room has run it--previous champs Anne... More >>

  • Baby Jane Dexter

    published June 29, 2011

    If you want to hear the woman who was Crystal Bowersox long before American Idol, here's your chance. Dexter is reprising her show "The... More >>

  • Bob Dorough

    published June 22, 2011

    Dorough is a singer's singer and he's earned the reputation for good reason. As he wanders through the country's great pop tunes, he keeps it... More >>

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