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  • Y2schlocK

    published November 30, 1999

    Like any good impending disaster, Y2K has made a lot of people rich. Just think about the millions being spent to millennium-proof office and... More >>

  • Cooking With Jane Jetson

    published November 2, 1999

    Not so long ago, the dishwasher was heralded as a revolutionary new machine that would free up women to do more important things, like fold... More >>

  • The Electronic Gender Gap

    published October 12, 1999

    Do a Net search for 'girl toys' and you're likely to find stuff that's a lot more hair-raising than the Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber & Beauty... More >>

  • What, Me Digital?

    published September 14, 1999

    For a Summer issue in 1971, MAD magazine artist Al Jaffee wrote a prescient satire of some creepy new machines called computers. In a strip... More >>

  • Digital, Baby!

    published August 3, 1999

    Despite its organic origins, birth has become a decidedly high-tech experience. Between fetal monitors and ultrasound machines, expectant mothers... More >>

  • The Body Electric

    published July 27, 1999

    Personal fitness machines have become something of a fetish industry. Eager slaves shell out big bucks for all kinds of masters: butt masters,... More >>

  • What a Gas

    published July 6, 1999

    Late one night in Del Ray Beach, Florida, 56-year-old textile magnate Fred Jarow awoke with a vision. "I was laughing so hard, but I didn't know... More >>

  • She Got Game

    published June 29, 1999

    For Vangie "Aurora" Beal and Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman, nothing's better than a good catfight: hair pulls, nail scratches, and, even better,... More >>

  • Mod, Mod Relaxation

    published June 22, 1999

    It's not easy to chill out during summertime. The city is sweltering. The subway stinks. And, when you're lucky enough to escape, you have to... More >>

  • Riding the Wave

    published June 15, 1999

    Remember the poor old days? Only five years ago, the kooky cast of old-media pariahs first ditched their 9-to-5 purgatories for the mass... More >>

  • Cyborg Dreaming

    published June 1, 1999

    Steve Mann hasn't seen The Matrix. Strapped with cybernetic head gear and a battery-powered CPU undershirt, the 35-year-old professor is... More >>

  • Language Barrier

    published May 25, 1999

    The Internet has long been a platform for vitriolic loudmouths. Then again, so have the printing press, radio, television, and the happy hour... More >>

  • Major League Death Match

    published May 18, 1999

    Like most devout gamers, David Magro got the bug early. As an eight-year-old living in Portugal in the early '80s, he didn't quite know what to... More >>

  • Bikini Kill

    published May 11, 1999

    Imagine a life this sad and lonely: Every day, people conspire to get rid of you. They stare contemptuously, plotting your demise. Will you be... More >>

  • Smugglers’ Notch

    published May 11, 1999

    Back in the old days, a kid had to work to get porn. Legions of fat, lonely stamp collectors would pedal miles on Huffy dirt bikes to buy used... More >>

  • The Spy Who Bugged Me

    published April 20, 1999

    Woody Allen once joked that he cheated on a metaphysics exam by peering into the soul of the kid sitting next to him. Like a lot of fantasies,... More >>

  • Wired Like Me

    published March 30, 1999

    As a kid growing up in Flushing, Queens, Benjamin Sun found community everywhere he turned. He studied at a Chinese school, prayed at a Chinese... More >>

  • Joystick Nation

    published March 23, 1999

    The buzz around vibrators is reaching a fever pitch these days. In Alabama, six women recently challenged a law passed in November that bans the... More >>

  • Technology Goes to the Dogs

    published March 2, 1999

    Tech writers are inundated with gadgets: games, scanners, and the occasional vibrating tongue. But nothing recently has been quite as haunting as... More >>

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