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  • The Kinsley Report

    published July 4, 2000

    You don't usually expect self-deprecation from a media mogul, but Michael Kinsley is not just any kind of media mogul, and his More >>

  • The Jazz Singer

    published June 6, 2000

    Don't the Moon Look Lonesome will infuriate many readers, but that should not come as a shock to its author. Stanley Crouch has made a... More >>

  • Kind of Blue

    published April 25, 2000

    Good poets aren't always good polemicists—or even good explicators of their verse. Mystification is often central to a poet's mission. What... More >>

  • Trisha Brown's Chaos Theory

    published April 18, 2000

    If, as Thelonious Monk famously posited, writing about music is like dancing about architecture, what is dancing about jazz? Many musicians think... More >>

  • It Takes a Village

    published January 18, 2000

    Blurbs, so the conventional wisdom goes, are meaningless, yet when they come from the reclusive Thomas Pynchon, they still generate a buzz. And... More >>

Archives: 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998