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  • Light, Dark, Light, Dark

    published December 25, 2001

    William Forsythe's Enemy in the Figure is just what most fans expect from him. A rippled freestanding wall obstructs part of BAM's stage.... More >>

  • Struggle for Beauty

    published December 18, 2001

    All of us who daily define beauty and ugliness do so capriciously—admiring, say, an ancient tree with oddly angled limbs and deeply... More >>

  • Raw Meat

    published December 11, 2001

    Some virtuosic dancers are like cold steel, slicing the air around them. Those in the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (at City Center through... More >>

  • Keep It Up

    published December 4, 2001

    At the end of John Jasperse's new Giant Empty, he moves smallish wooden blocks—square and rectangular—toward the BAM Harvey... More >>

  • Working It Out

    published November 27, 2001

    In the '70s, Douglas Dunn wrote an extended play on words. It began, "Talking is talking/Dancing is dancing." About halfway through came the line... More >>

  • Triumphs on Thin Ice

    published November 20, 2001

    The Limón Dance Company's 55th-anniversary gala celebrated four remarkable dancers who'll perform during the company's Joyce season through... More >>

  • What Dreams May Come

    published November 13, 2001

    We've seen little of Kei Takei since she left New York for Japan in 1992, but admirers still reminisce about her ongoing opus Light, begun... More >>

  • Tiger Balm

    published November 6, 2001

    At the start of Garth Fagan's Prelude, Norwood Pennewell sails onto the Joyce stage with a velvety jump and hovers there on one leg,... More >>

  • Guy Time

    published October 30, 2001

    Dancing has always fired imaginations as a metaphor for life, conveying transcendent human effort and bringing form to potential chaos. American... More >>

  • Birds and Kangaroos

    published October 23, 2001

    Sketches of dancers from Carlo Blasis's 1829 Code of Terpsichore gaze down on the Joyce stage and Garry Stewart's Birdbrain. As... More >>

  • Woman-Run Worlds

    published October 9, 2001

    For several years now, George Balanchine's last muse, Suzanne Farrell, has been polishing his legacy with beautifully directed performances of... More >>

  • Dancing on a Grave

    published October 2, 2001

    Dance Theatre of Harlem's opening night program at City Center, where it performs through October 7, shunned a glittery gala format. Instead,... More >>

  • Changing Landscapes

    published September 25, 2001

    In Williamsburg, the sky seems huge, and as I gaze toward Manhattan the altered view has an eerie emptiness. The feeling of unreality feeds into... More >>

  • For Love of a Horse

    published September 18, 2001

    The horror that descended on our city curtailed an annual dance pleasure: the prestigious free "Evening Stars" series at the World Trade Center... More >>

  • Seeing Truth in the Dark

    published September 11, 2001

    We sit in the dark, listening to twittering birds, muted music, and high chattering voices. As the lights fade up on Big Dance Theater's splendid... More >>

  • Family Ghosts

    published August 21, 2001

    Some choreographers call any work with a tinge of drama "dance theater"; others use the term to alert customers to the presence of the spoken... More >>

  • Heat at Joe’s

    published August 14, 2001

    Flamenco thrives in a café setting; close quarters inflame the dancers, singers, and guitarists, and glasses clink beneath the music's wail... More >>

  • Update Ahead

    published July 31, 2001

    Sylvie Guillem's controversial Giselle, performed by La Scala Ballet at the Lincoln Center Festival, is less a whole new ballet than a... More >>

  • Go Sin Some More

    published July 24, 2001

    For the last six years, Trisha Brown has made dances to music; at one time the only sounds accompanying her choreography were footfalls,... More >>

  • They Sing of Voyages

    published July 17, 2001

    In the early works of Robert Wilson and Philip Glass, including their first joint project, Einstein on the Beach (1976), neither seemed to... More >>

  • Honorable Fungus Turns 30

    published July 10, 2001

    As morels appear after a May rain, Pilobolus, named for another fungus, sprouts at the Joyce every July (through the 28th this 30th-anniversary... More >>

  • Summer Pleasures

    published July 3, 2001

    Soirée, Richard Tanner's latest work for the New York City Ballet, begins with an anomalous vision: dream-time froufrou. The men of... More >>

  • The Uses of Diversity

    published June 26, 2001

    "Go" is an apt name for the 11-year retrospective that Sarah Skaggs presented at Danspace St. Mark's in mid June. Skaggs is a going... More >>

  • They’ve Got Rhythm

    published June 19, 2001

    On MTV, singers purr and snarl their sexuality. Nothing abashes them; even damaged by love, they expect—no, deserve—our desire. Nicholas... More >>

  • Reinventing the ’60s

    published June 12, 2001

    Who'd have thought you could bring back the '60s—those heady days of Judson Dance Theater and beyond? Surely no one could recapture the... More >>

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