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1998 Stories by Douglas Wolk

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  • Starry Eye

    published December 22, 1998

    Patience never used to be a Boredoms strong point. The Osaka scene's ringleaders were Ritalin candidates, half band and half tumbler troupe,... More >>

  • Different Times

    published December 1, 1998

    Nobody's going to kill me for this," Amha Eshèté thought when he started his Ethiopian record label. "At most I might land in jail... More >>

  • Storefront Hitchcock

    published November 24, 1998

    At his best, Robyn Hitchcock is a sweetly peculiar songwriter who wanders into the realm of death and back, and laughs quietly at it all; at his... More >>

  • Boo!

    published October 20, 1998

    That Subliminal Kid," yeah right: you can't sneeze in New York without getting DJ Spooky wet. Paul D. Miller is pretty overt about being... More >>

  • Dual Channels

    published August 18, 1998

    All songs composed, arranged, written, and produced by James Beattie," reads the note on Adventures in Stereo's Alternative Stereo Sounds... More >>

  • One Day. Ten T-Shirts.

    published August 11, 1998

    1. NOFX Are for Kids* "This is the coolest concert ever," a bleached-blond kid in a Trix-bunny NOFX T-shirt exclaims, as we're herded into... More >>

  • Chopping Timbre

    published July 21, 1998

    If remixing is a way to unlock the sound from the song, a natural host for it is indie rock, by now as much about sound as writerly intent.... More >>

  • Radio 2.0

    published June 30, 1998

    The best radio station in the world went on the air June 12, and it's going off the air again July 5. Resonance Radio, put together by the London... More >>

  • Hitspoofing

    published March 17, 1998

    U.S. News reported a while back that a parody of "Tub-thumping," with lyrics endorsing a war against Iraq, was making the rounds of the... More >>

  • Rabbit Ears

    published January 20, 1998

    James McNew is a great big guy who draws himself as a tiny pink bunny. The packages of almost all the records he's made on his own as Dump have... More >>

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