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  • 11 years ago

    There are those among us who worship Toni Morrison, then sheepishly admit to taking three years to actually make it through 'Beloved'. Not so with dearly departed sister Octavia E. Butler, who passed away at 58 in front of her Seattle home on Febr...

  • 17 years ago

    Zora Neale Hurston called what she did wandering—showing up at a place and waiting for something impressive to just happen. The protagonist in Shay Youngblood's novel Black Girl in Paris is on a similar mission. Eden, a 26-year-old Black girl...

  • 18 years ago

    I have always found it slightly unsettling that so many of my parents' generation christened my male peers Miles. It is no easy invocation. Some may even call it a curse. Or at least a weight. Miles is beyond complicated, beyond icon, beyond geniu...

  • 19 years ago

    Long before white boys began em bracing in football stadiums and throwing up Jesus for patriarchy, long before Chris Rock served a pathetic, conservative personal responsibility mantra as some new kind of revolutionary comedy, there were the gods....

  • 19 years ago

    The main problem with Maxwell is he's not D'Angelo. It's so unfair. You try and boogie around it. Deal with the brother on his own terms. Forget "Brown Sugar" ever happened. It must be burden enough for the boy. For every post-retro-roots-nouveau ...


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